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Death certificates also include the names and birthplaces of parents. See the full description of these records.

Five Question Regarding Death Certificates

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Data Collection Data Use. Proposed Rules. Obtain a Death Certificate Certified Copy of a Death Certificate A certified copy of a death certificate is used for all legal purposes. Uncertified Copy of a Death Certificate An uncertified copy is a plain paper copy of a death certificate.

Information for Researchers Researchers have 2 methods to obtain copies of death certificates. This index will give you the certificate number, which will allow you to order a copy.

Vital Records

At the moment, death certificates are the only vital records that have indexes available online for both New York State and New York City holdings. We recommend reading all relevant sections of that guide in full before beginning to search. See our vital records guide for more information. There are many good reasons that you simply might not be able to find an official New York death certificate.

You may want to try searching for New York religious records, especially if your ancestor died prior to the mid s - before that time, many municipalities in New York viewed vital record keeping as a function of the church, not the state.

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Read our blog about using New York religious records as vital record substitutes. While not an official state document, the obituary can provide similar information to that of a death certificate, and may even contain more detail - after all, obituary writers were not bound by fields on official documents. The cost of an Individual Annual Membership is less than six dollars a month, and includes the following benefits:.

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