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A correction is a change made to a registered certificate because of a typographical error including misspelling and missing or transposed letters or numbers. Corrections or amendments to medical information including fields related to the manner of death and cause of death, may only be corrected or amended by a medical certifier, medical examiner or tribal law enforcement authority.

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To Change or Correct the Spouse's Name, the document required depends on the scenario:. Arizona Administrative Code R C requires the County Vital Records Office or the Bureau of Vital Records to provide notification of a request to amend information on an Arizona death certificate to the individual Informant who provided the original demographic information about the deceased person.

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The County Vital Records Office or the Bureau of Vital Records may request evidentiary documents from the person submitting the request if they are not the Informant and additional information from the Informant who provided the original death record information to determine the validity and accuracy of the requested amendment and the information on the death certificate. The informant has 10 calendar days from the date the notice is mailed to respond.

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If a response from the informant in the specified time frame is not received or the informant responds favorably to the changes requested, the change amendment will be made to the death certificate. If the informant responds unfavorably or disputes the claim, no change will be made to the death certificate until additional documentary evidence is provided. In these cases, the Assistant State Registrar will determine the sufficiency of the evidence provided.

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In addition to the applicable requirements listed above, to request the amendment of a death certificate, a certified copy of the court order shall be submitted. Skip to Main Content. Change a Death Certificate If you are considering needing to request a simple change to a more significant alteration to an existing Arizona death record, there are legal steps and documentation that is required; additionally, state law designates eligible individuals who may request such changes. Important Update!

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Close relatives do not usually need a death certificate when dealing with authorities. Information about the death is sent through official channels to the local register office to be recorded in the Population Information System, from where the information is passed forward.

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The actual death certificate is issued only when all examinations required to establish cause of death are completed. This can take several months. A written data request must be made for the death certificate to Statistics Finland either by email or post.

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The data request is sent to the following email address: kuolemansyyt stat. Death certificate data are also issued to insurance or pension institutions for processing of benefit applications and to a court, authority or other organisation that is entitled to the data by law.

In such cases, the request must come from the authority in question. In order to receive data, a licence to use statistical data must be applied for from Statistics Finland.