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Plaintiff: Lamonte A Ealy. Torres et al Filed: November 5, as cv Defendant Filed: November 5, as cv Defendant and others. Rasmusson v. Ozinga Redi Mix Concrete, Inc. Filed: November 5, as cv Plaintiff: Jennifer Rasmusson.

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IUC Group, Inc. Bowers v. Azar et al Filed: November 5, as cv Plaintiff: David Elijah Bowers, Jr. Lucas v. Plew et al Filed: November 5, as cv Plaintiff: Georvaughn M Lucas. Valentin v. Saul Filed: November 5, as cv Defendant: Andrew Saul.

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Plaintiff: Bernice Valentin. Subscribe Now. It includes everything from fines, forfeitures and restitution ordered by a judge to lawyer costs covered by the county but that were supposed to be reimbursed by the person benefiting from the lawyer's work. If Brown County could collect on all of it, it would actually be able to keep little.

For fines and forfeitures issued in criminal and traffic cases, Brown County gets only 35 cents for every dollar it collects, Vander Leest said. The rest of it goes to the state. Restitution, if collected, goes to the victims. What the county does get to keep, if it can collect it, is compensation for the money it spent on lawyer fees for defendants and on children in custody cases and similar kinds of actions.

People accused of crimes can hire their own lawyers, and those with little or no money can get a lawyer at taxpayer expense. Those with some assets or income but not enough for a lawyer can get a court-appointed lawyer, paid for by Brown County but to be paid back.

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Similarly, if people are going through a divorce, the court appoints lawyers to represent the interests of children affected by that divorce, and the parents are supposed to pay that back. Vander Leest has launched an initiative to bring people back into court and establish court-ordered payment schedules for that debt. Some people, if given the option of making small monthly payments, will take that approach, rather than simply ignoring their debt, he said.

If people owe on traffic citations, the state can help by suspending their license.

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Another powerful tool the county can use in many cases is the tax intercept program. It allows municipalities to use the state Internal Revenue to collect repayment; people expecting tax refunds are often surprised to learn that Brown County snatched up some or all of the refund because they owed the money to the court system.

One such taxpayer was Mark S. Accused in of involvement in the Margaret Anderson murder in Green Bay, Hinton had used a court-appointed lawyer to defend himself against a charge first-degree sexual assault. He was convicted, sentenced and served prison time until Hinton, 59, remains on supervised release and is living and working in Oxford, Wis.

Wisconsin Court Records – A Guide to Courthouse Research

Tax intercept is a useful tool, but it has its limitations. Only about 40 percent of taxpayers get tax refunds, Vanderleest said. Also, it is a legal process only with Wisconsin taxes.