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How do we calculate the amount of child support? Are there exceptions to how much a parent has to pay?

Alimony And Child Support: What Judges Consider About Your Income

What if our situation changes? Where can we get more help? Publications Resources. How do we calculate annual income?

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How do we calculate child support when parenting is shared? How do we calculate child support when parenting is split?

Overview of Child Support

John enters his annual salary, and enters 1 child the child not living with him. Helen enters her salary and 2 children the number of children not living with her. How do we calculate other types of expenses for the children? Special and extraordinary expenses include the following: Child-care expenses that a parent with whom the children live faces as a result of the parent's job, illness, disability or educational requirements for employment. The portion of a parent's medical and dental insurance premiums that provides coverage for the children. What should we do once we agree on an amount?

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Maryland Child Support Guidelines

How is child support calculated in a Maryland divorce? A child support model Maryland follows an income shares model when calculating the amount of child support that the non-custodial parent will be obligated to pay. Determining parental income Since each parent's gross income is used in the basic child support calculation, it is crucial that each parent discloses an accurate income amount. Calculating child support Once the parents' combined income is determined, the guidelines also provide for a deduction or credit for: Childcare expenses Any special needs the child may have Health insurance premiums, deductibles, and extraordinary medical expenses Agreed upon Educational expenses Costs in transporting the children from one parent's home to the other, if the distance is substantial In addition, the court will look at the parenting schedule , and how much time the child spends with each parent.

Looking out for your child's needs If you have thought about filing for divorce in Maryland, you may want to speak to a family attorney regarding your legal rights. Determine if one parent is involved for primary physical custody or if there is shared custody. Child support guidelines vary for shared physical custody. Generally speaking, more information is required on the shared custody worksheet provided by the state.

The calculator estimates monthly child support payments based on Maryland's current child support guidelines and may change over time. There are about questions that are asked to come up with the estimation.

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  • Some of these questions may include the number of children involved, the gross monthly income of the noncustodial parent, the cost of daycare paid by the custodial parent, and more. It is recommended to review the questions asked and prepare calculated costs appropriately rather than ballparking costs for an immediate estimate.