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He landed a job as a window dresser at a store in Milan.

1. Personal assistant

By the mids he was designing his own clothes and in , he founded his own company, Armani. By following his creative passion and talent, Armani was able to become one of the most successful fashion designers in the world.

Confessions of Celebrity Assistants: What It's Really Like to Work for Hollywood's Rich and Famous

Stephen King, the author of legendary novels such as It and The Shining , started from humble beginnings. Before becoming one of the most prolific writers of all time, he worked as a janitor at a high school in order to make ends meet. It was this job that allowed him to work on his first successful novel, Carrie, published in Any job can be a stepping stone towards something greater, including giving you the time and resources to focus on your creative pursuits.

Jagger had thought about becoming a journalist when he was a young man but that was before he discovered the joy of playing in a band. The Rolling Stones made music and played live gigs while Jagger was still at university. In , the lead singer left LSE and put all of his attention and energy into his musical career. By abandoning his academic career and hopes of becoming a journalist, Jagger would go on to become one of the greatest frontmen in music history.

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But he was unsatisfied with the kinds of roles and opportunities being offered to him. So he took a completely new direction in his career and became a self-taught carpenter. He continued this profession for 15 years as a way to support his wife and children.

How to Get a Job Working for a Famous Person | Career Trend

Ford went on to play the role of Bob Falfa in the movie. Impressed with his performance during the line reads, Lucas cast Ford as Han Solo, which catapulted the actor into stardom. If you are highly skilled at something and put yourself out there, people will notice, and incredible opportunities can open up for you. Brandon Stanton is a photographer who is responsible for creating Humans of New York, an online photography project that has turned into a global phenomenon. The project features street portraits and interviews conducted on the streets of New York. Started in , Humans of New York now has a huge following.

The photoblog has attracted 17 million followers on Facebook and over 8 million on Instagram. As a young man, Stanton was a bonds trader. He planned to work in finance for a while so he could save and follow an artistic path later in life. But he found his job as a bonds trader stifling. There was no outlet for his creativity.


When he eventually lost his job, he decided to bite the bullet and start practising photography. He had no training, although his passion led him to start photographing and interviewing passers-by on the streets of New York.

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  7. The trouble is some people have taken this to the extreme. Rather than hire assistants to help them out with their normal, everyday tasks, these famous faces have employed workers to do all sorts of bizarre and downright incredible jobs that most people would find completely incredulous.

    These are some of the weird jobs celebrities hire people to do - hopefully these assistants have had a better go of it than those on this list of celebrity personal assistant horror stories. If nipple squeezin' is your thing, then P! That's right, the rough-and-tumble songstress supposedly keeps a personal nipple pincher on staff, requiring them to perform their essential duty right before she goes on stage.

    Gwen Stefani started off as a Dairy Queen clerk.

    Among the many allegations that Ms. O'Neill made regarding Gaga's clingy demands was one that required her to sleep in bed alongside her boss.

    10 Famous People Who REFUSE To Work With Other People

    Apparently, the Lady doesn't like to "sleep alone," so the task of warming her bed fell to the warm body she had the most control over: her personal assistant.