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Likewise, any debt that either party accrues during the marriage is also considered community property. If you have assets or property that you owned before your marriage, or if you receive a gift or inheritance during your marriage, that is separate property and is owned only by you. Purchases made with separate property are also separate property. The spouses can make this decision among themselves if they are able to, or a mediator can help. It will be necessary to assign a monetary value to property for the purpose of dividing it between the spouses.

Understanding No-Fault Divorce in California | California Divorce Laws

An appraisal may be necessary, especially for real estate or items like art or antiques. An accountant or financial expert will typically assess the worth of retirement assets like a k account or an annuity. The couple can also choose to retain joint property after the divorce. This is sometimes a solution when both spouses want their children to stay in the family home.

The court will consider a number of factors when determining how much child support one spouse must pay. These include:. A judge can order child support to cover a number of expenses. This can include basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, as well as other costs like health insurance, child care, travel costs for visitation and the cost of extracurricular activities.

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The court can also rule that one spouse has to pay spousal support or alimony to the other. Spousal support in California can be permanent or temporary. Factors considered include:. Be sure to take both alimony and child support into account when filing taxes after divorce. This required that one spouse plead that the other had committed adultery, abandonment, felony, or other similarly culpable acts.

However, the other spouse could plead a variety of defenses, like recrimination essentially an accusation of "so did you". A judge could find that the respondent had not committed the alleged act or the judge could accept the defense of recrimination and find both spouses at fault for the dysfunctional nature of their marriage.

California No-Fault Divorce Package (No Children) - Uncontested Divorce

In some states, requirements were even more stringent. For instance, under its original constitution, Alabama required not only the consent of a court of chancery for a divorce and only "in cases provided for by law" , but equally that of two-thirds of both houses of the state legislature. The required vote in this case was even stricter than that required to overturn the governor's veto in Alabama, which required only a simple majority of both houses of the General Assembly.

These requirements could be problematic if both spouses were at fault or if neither spouse had committed a legally culpable act but both spouses desired a divorce by mutual consent. Lawyers began to advise their clients on how to create legal fictions to bypass the statutory requirements. One method popular in New York was referred to as "collusive adultery", in which both sides deliberately agreed that the wife would come home at a certain time and discover her husband committing adultery with a "mistress" obtained for the occasion.

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The husband would admit a similar version of those facts. The judge would convict the husband of adultery, and the couple could be divorced. In many other states, especially California, the most popular allegation for divorce was cruelty which was then unavailable in New York. For example, in , wives pleaded "cruelty" as the basis for 70 percent of San Francisco divorce cases. Every day, in every superior court in the state, the same melancholy charade was played: the "innocent" spouse, generally the wife, would take the stand and, to the accompanying cacophony of sobbing and nose-blowing, testify under the deft guidance of an attorney to the spousal conduct that she deemed "cruel.

An even simpler practice for people living in states where divorce was difficult to obtain was to go "forum shopping. Nevada was extremely popular for this purpose as its residency period was only six weeks. Or in some cases, a party deciding they wanted to marry someone else could combine a filing for divorce and a new marriage in one trip to Mexico. As no-fault became near-universal, the need to use Nevada or Mexico to evade restrictive divorce laws became less and less necessary. Many American lawyers and judges objected to the legal fictions used to satisfy the requirements for divorce, which were effectively rendering oaths meaningless and threatening to wreck the integrity of the American justice system by making perjury into a commonplace occurrence.

As early as the s, a treatise on American family law complained:. In divorce litigation it is well known that the parties often seek to evade the statutory limitations and thus there is great danger of perjury, collusion, and fraud. In many cases no defense is interposed, and often when the case is contested the contest is not waged with vigor or good faith. In addition, advocates for no-fault divorce argued that the law should be changed to provide a straightforward procedure for ending a marriage, rather than forcing a couple who simply couldn't get along to choose between living together in "marital hell" or lying under oath in open court.

At its convention in , the National Association of Women Lawyers NAWL voted to draft and promote a bill that would embody the ideal of no-fault divorce and describes its efforts to promote the passage of no-fault divorce laws as "the greatest project NAWL has ever undertaken.

Other states were slower to adopt no-fault divorce. For example, Pennsylvania did not introduce no-fault divorce until around California adopted no-fault divorce with the Family Law Act of , which became effective January 1, The grounds of irreconcilable differences are accepted as true, and can be based on the assertions of one of the parties to the marriage.

The committee from the ABA Family Law Section objected to the ability of a petitioner to avoid the day separation requirement by asserting "serious marital discord". He wrote: "The creation of a mere 'rubber stamp type' of divorce procedure would not be in the best interests of the family, its individual members, and society in general. In a policy statement, the ABA Family Law Section chose "to recognize separation only as conclusive evidence of marital breakdown and not as its unbending test", implying that "other kinds of evidence would be admissible to establish breakdown as well.

By , nine states had adopted no-fault divorce laws, [44] and by late , every state but South Dakota and New York had adopted some form of no-fault divorce although some forms were not as easy to obtain as that in California. New York governor David Paterson signed a no-fault divorce bill on August 15, As of October [update] , no-fault divorce is allowed in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Step 2: Filing for Divorce

Child abuse Domestic violence Incest Child selling. Main article: Australian family law. See also: Divorce in England and Wales.

DIY Divorce Filing in California (Initial Paperwork)

See also: Divorce in the United States. Retrieved 12 February Legal Information Institute. Cornell University Law School. Retrieved 23 July Cambridge University Press. Retrieved The Atlantic. July Once the termination date passes, no further paperwork will be received.

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The parties are then free to remarry. How We Can Help. Check Pricing. True Default Uncontested Default Contested. True Default. The other party has not filed a response and the parties have not signed a formal agreement. All issues of the marriage must be addressed. This process works well when the parties have been married for a very short period 2 years or less and have no children, community assets or debts.

Uncontested Default. The Settlement Agreement is submitted to the court for ratification and approval. Most uncontested divorce proceedings are resolved by way of a Settlement Agreement, even in situations where the parties have no children, little property and few debts.

The parties are unable to reach an agreement and a Response has been filed by the other party. Often these proceedings take many months or even years to complete. Cheap Divorce Options. Some people choose to prepare the paperwork without any professional help. This can be a little more complicated and difficult, but is not impossible for couples who have been married a very short time and have no property, debt or children.

Hiring a California Divorce Lawyer. Some couples may simply not be able to get through the divorce process on their own, and one or both parties may consider or actually hire a divorce lawyer. Sometimes hiring a mediator to help the couple work through the contested divorce issues will bring a new perspective and is just that extra component that enables the couple to reach an agreement.

Get help with your California family law documents today! Call Now. Preparation of standard dissolution or legal separation documents for short-term marriage or domestic partnership no personal property, children or real property, with filing instructions.