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It is also to help the client achieve specified goals for well-being. While many therapists provide both therapy and counseling, not every counselor is qualified to provide therapy. Shameka Williams. How can we tell if we need or could benefit from therapy? It can be good to start with talking to a medical professional to rule out any physiological reasons for the changes. Should there be some type of diagnosis or referral to seek therapy? An obstacle could be as simple as a negative thinking pattern that you do not recognize on your own.

What are signs that a person may need therapy? SW: You could benefit from therapy if you find yourself. Eating more or less than usual Sleeping more or less than usual Having unusual difficulty concentrating or focusing Experiencing intrusive thoughts that are distressing Worrying or feeling nervous more than usual Withdrawing or isolating yourself from family and friends Are there any specific conditions or needs that someone would have that would make them a good candidate for online therapy over in-house therapy?

SW: People who suffer from mental health disorders that make going out in public difficult, such as agoraphobia. What are the pros of online therapy? SW: Convenience, Efficacy, and Privacy. Research has found online therapy to be just as effective as traditional in-person therapy for many issues including depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. What are the cons? SW: Online therapy is not appropriate for clients who are a danger to themselves or others i. Confidentiality could become an issue if the therapist is not using HIPAA-secure software, sites, or apps or if clients are not careful with securing their own electronic devices.

Some insurance companies do not cover online therapy. Williams admonishes anyone considering online video therapy to do additional research to make sure their potential therapist is qualified and licensed to provide the service they are seeking. For days the parents were taunted on social media and through text messages, until her father was able to retrieve her. According to the national Human Trafficking Hotline , 71 cases of human trafficking have been reported in Louisiana since January.

Although that number has the state ranking 22nd in the national, Louisiana received an A grade in enforcing human trafficking from Shared Hope International in Read More juvenile human trafficking victims identified in Louisiana. Our law enforcement, hospitals, parents, everyone. We are being vigilant. For several weeks, The Drum staff has collected social media posts that alerted followers of suspicious activities. Another shared links and photos believed to belong to recruiters and people who would track the whereabouts of potential victims.

Hunter said posts like these are helpful and should be shared with law enforcement. Families often have the fear that their missing loved ones will be ignored especially if the missing person is a runaway. But, with the knowledge that traffickers go after runaways, people who are homeless, and those showing low self-esteem or lack of love, law enforcement and social service providers are being trained to recognize the connection between trafficking and reports of missing persons and runaways.

At the time, she was identified as a runaway later reclassified as an endangered missing person. She is believed to be in the Baton Rouge area and her photo has appeared on coupon mailers in the city. Law enforcement are not treating these cases as just kidnappings or runaways. The change in federal law indicates that if sex is involved, it is human trafficking, Hunter said. Trafficking a minor under 21 years of age is prohibited without regard to whether force, fraud, or coercion was used to cause the minor to engage in commercial sex acts. Louisiana is the seventh state to be granted the award.

The state is one of only 16 states that require human trafficking training that includes child trafficking. The grant will fund multi-agency training and will allow the state to staff an expert coordinator in each region for providers to centralize responses to these crimes.

Sex traffickers can get up to 20 years in jail and be charged with federally and locally with crimes ranging from kidnapping to racketeering. As of press time, 5, cases were reported to the national Human Trafficking Hotline so far this year. Last year, 8, human trafficking cases were reported. The goal is for cases to lead to arrests and convictions. As for Carruth, she said it is time for the community to take care of one another.

In schools, the babies are recruiting babies. We all see it. Some of these girls and women are being tattooed and branded. It needs to be us taking care of us. Then we grow up more and somewhere along the line we realize our limitations and our dreams become more realistic. We get the props knocked out from under us. Maybe bad decisions and wrong choices cause us to give up hope, give up trying. So I set my goals. At the age of only 21 when he graduated from college, he was sought by the NBA and began his long-dreamed of career in professional basketball, first for big name teams in the United States then for another ten years on national teams of other countries around the world until he retired.

Times when hindrances were more common than help. Well, the Ponchatoula Library, North Fifth Street, is inviting you to come hear four panel members share their stories of how they overcame their seemingly impossible situations to finally realize their dreams. So, on Tuesday, April 23, , at p. From to p. Talking about and understanding issues related race is tough for some people and some organizations.

News organizations, like the Associated Press, recently changed the way it will address race, which has the potential to impact news outlets across the country. How do explain ongoing racial problems? What do we call the system that serves as the engine for the race-based train that has passed through every American epoch, including contemporary times? Much has been written in scholarly works and in the popular press about how racial disparities in America have over the past several decades been increasingly explained in non-racial terms. Colorblind racism, new racism, and the New Jim Crow are all terms that seek to describe how the dominant racial group in America, en mass, changed expressions of anti-Black sentiments from overt to covert expressions due to social and political changes.

However, recent events involving the targeting of symbols associated with the Jim Crow era point to the enduring power of racism. What is striking about the attacks on these symbols of an era gone by is that many of the perpetrators of these cowardly acts were not even alive during the Jim Crow era and undoubtedly never learned about it, especially from the perspective of Black people. How do we explain this white rage? Understanding racism for what it is and what it is not is an important step forward. When we understand racism for what it really is then we can see how, why, and in what ways misery is heaped upon Black people and other people of color.

We see the manifestations of misery not only in the embers of year-old churches in rural Louisiana, or on a legendary civil rights training ground, or in the glare of tiki torches, but also in persistent racial differences in wealth and access to a quality education. We can see clearly how race continues to matter in outcomes associated with interactions with the criminal justice system, including who lives and who dies, and which lives truly matter to whom, how—if at all.

We can better understand why investments are disproportionately made in some areas, while others remain chronically underdeveloped. We can more easily comprehend why access to an emergency room and other health care routes is hard and adequate transportation systems and housing remains elusive. Racism is dangerous. Racism has been aptly described by many, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Anyone who has the unfortunate experience of watching a loved one suffer through any type of cancer knows how the disease can take over, attacking the basic building blocks of the body.

Racism in America is at once a fundamental and foundational building block of society and one of the greatest threats to itself. Much like many auto-immune diseases, it attacks itself. It is important that we understand racism for what it truly is. While functioning much like a disease, racism is not about biology. We must understand the myriad ways racism manifests in the lives of individuals, communities, groups, and in the nation as a whole. The nation can not afford to lull itself into a false sense of security with claims that the nation is not where it should be on matters about race, but the nation is not where it used to be.

There is an abundance of evidence to the contrary. Let us agree not to disagree on this one. Racism is what it is. There is just racism and the evidence of it is all around us. We should express the same degree of indignation at public policies and private practices that consistently place black people at a disadvantage in virtually every area of life as when historic symbols are attacked. We owe it to them, to ourselves, and to future generations to make our own marks however insurmountable the task may seem and irrespective of how bleak our pace of progress might seem.

For more than an hour delegates brainstormed, visioned and scripted plans for the future of the work. They were tasked with creating hypothetical future news headlines that would tell the story of their work accomplished two years from the present. Photo by Perry Productions. The South Central Region is the 2nd largest region in the sorority with more than 7, members, and is comprised of members from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. The conference is expected to attract a record number of members in addition to their families and guests, where attendees will assemble at the Ernest N.

Morial Convention Center. Members will be taking in all that the Crescent City of New Orleans has to offer and lodging in numerous hotels in the downtown area. These members will generate thousands and thousands of dollars for the New Orleans area businesses over the four-day conference and the sorority plans to leave a substantial mark on the city. Delpit Drive, Baton Rouge. It is a time to strengthen existing partnerships and build new ones.

During the 25th anniversary of the church, the Anglican Bishop of Nsukka Rt. He said such services to the country deserve commendation and reward. Mbarika is also the founder and president, Board of Trustees of the Information and Communication Technology University, that trained more than 20, students across the globe. He said he is delighted in the honor and promises to continue to assist Nigerians and others in the acquisition of quality education. The number of reported juvenile trafficking victims rose by 20 percent in , while the number of adult victims decreased by 17 percent, according to data submitted to the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services DCFS for its report on human trafficking.

The annual report, now in its fifth year, compiles data from human trafficking service providers throughout the state for reporting to the Legislature under Act of This limits the amount of information available on adult sexual abuse and labor trafficking. John Bel Edwards. Increasing awareness, collaboration and information sharing are essential to ending this modern form of slavery. Earlier this year, Gov. The more we know and the more we work together as a state and a community, the better we can fight against it and protect those who are most at-risk. The overwhelming majority were victims of sexual trafficking victims or Juveniles accounted for Some adult victims were identified in , compared to in Age was unknown or unreported for 93 victims this past year, compared to 56 in Forty-two victims identified in were age 12 or younger, down from 72 victims reported in The increase in reported juvenile victims can be partly attributed to an increase in the number of agencies providing data.

Additionally, there have been increased efforts in identifying juvenile victims. Orleans, Caddo and East Baton Rouge were the parishes most frequently identified as the trafficking locations for both adult and juvenile victims. However, the proportion of adults to juveniles varied by location. Orleans and Caddo parishes both saw significantly more juvenile victims reported than adults: 83 juveniles and 34 adults in Orleans; 92 juveniles and 16 adults in Caddo. Whereas, East Baton Rouge saw a more even distribution that tilted toward adults: 59 adults and 47 juveniles.

Those three parishes were also the most common parishes of origin for victims, along with neighboring parishes Jefferson and Bossier. Overall, victims were from more than 30 parishes throughout the state. The most frequently provided services by the agencies reporting data were mental health services, referral to community services, health services, forensic interviewing, housing and education services. The City of Ponchatoula has joined the almost cities nationwide in going smoke-free.

In addition to smoking restrictions that already exist under state law, there will be new restrictions on smoking and vaping use of electronic smoking devices in many locations across the city. Nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke at work are more likely to develop heart disease or lung cancer, and approximately 1, children and adults in Louisiana die each year from secondhand smoke exposure. Tobacco use-the leading preventable cause of death in the United States-causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases such as emphysema and diabetes. More than 20 million people in the United States have died from smoking-related diseases since , including 2.

Andreeen is still missing, but presumed dead. It did not go beyond local news, and even though the FBI is involved in the case, the story was never picked up nationally. When Victoria S. Wright was last seen, at about 5 p. Wearing a black hoodie with white writing, light colored blue jeans, and light blue and white tennis shoes, Victoria suddenly vanished.

Police suspect she may have run away. More than , girls of all races have gone missing since the beginning of , according to NCMEC. Therefore, we see less media attention paid to missing children, particularly those of color. For instance, Margaret R. Dash went missing from her home in Clearwater, Florida, on June 14, Today, she would be If still alive, Atwell would be Jeffrey Lynn Smith, who today would be 49, went missing on Dec. Carole Lieberman. We need to do more to find missing children and do more to stop the family problems such as abuse that causes them to be vulnerable to predators or leave home to begin with.

What has been a deciding moment or an experience that pushed you forward? When I was told early in my pursuit to become a theatre company owner that it would never work; that I was wasting my time, energy, and money on something Black people would never support. For example, we are familiar with the works of Dr.

What is your 1 priority right now? Presently, UpStage host an Emerging Playwright Project producing scripts submitted from playwrights from across the country. They are the trailblazers and pioneers who have left an indelible imprint that continues to inspire. Among the most well-trained law enforcement officers in the country, Black female Louisiana State Troopers are proudly and courageously paving the way for others to follow.

They are saluted for their service and for inspiring all women to never give up on their dreams. According to the most recent data, there are Louisiana State Police troopers, out of which 45 are women and of that number, eight current female troopers are African-American. Women were allowed to join the force in She retired after 21 years of service. After a career in the Army National Guard, Lt. Thomas knew she wanted to become a trooper. And 27 years later, she is still going strong. Scott, Charles Dickson, Jim Wider, and Manuelita Brown, as well as slave shackles, rare historical documents, autographed books and memorabilia from sports icons like Michael Jordan.

Researchers from LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center have found that a community-level approach to obesity can inspire participants to adopt healthier weight-related behavior. Their findings were published this fall in Health Promotion Practice, which includes peer-reviewed articles devoted to the practical application of health promotion and education.

The results of the study are based on participants in 11 community-wide projects across the state funded by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation. At the conclusion of Challenge Grant activities, there were indications for improvements in healthy eating and physical activity. Participants who were exposed to the healthy eating component of the program were also almost twice as likely to report eating fruits and vegetables at least once per day.

As a result, many other studies in this area have not produced measurable results, which makes the Challenge Grant evaluation stand apart. Pennington researchers believe that the trends in behavioral changes observed in this study may yield significant results down the line. The Foundation is currently accepting grant applications from community coalitions working to address public health issues and the upstream factors that cause them. Applications are accepted throughout the year, and it can take six to eight weeks to put together an application. During the turbulent years of Jim Crow a group of brave residents of Bogalusa made a historical march from Bogalusa to the courthouse in Franklinton to express their concern about the lack of opportunities for African Americans in Bogalusa.

The march was led by A. Young and others community leaders. Motivate them to achieve academic and economic success and be victorious over generational poverty. The late civil rights leader was remembered for his courage and is an active member of the civil rights movement in Bogalusa. Young planned to present a list of grievances to Governor John McKeithen on the steps of the capitol. The march dramatized the violent repression of Blacks in the areas along their route. The stretch of highways that the marchers traveled was home to the most active of Ku Klux Klan chapters in the state.

Under pressure from the U. Civil Rights Division, Governor John McKeithen agreed to dispatch nearly National Guardsman and state troopers to protect the demonstrators as they walked down the center of Highway U. When the marchers were met in Hammond by local community leaders they slept the night on Greenville Park High School football field. Just outside of Satsuma, a group of whites, some of them children, broke through the ranks of the troopers and attacked A.

Young and others. The march was postponed for one day because of the attack, which allowed Young to demand more troops to protect the weary marchers. Federalized National Guards and state troops were required to protect the marchers through Livingston Parish. They were confronted with violence in Satsuma and Denham Springs. The march was lead by A. Young, Bob Hicks, and family members.

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Before more troops arrived, 50 more Blacks from Bogalusa and the surrounding area joined the march, bringing the total number to almost 80 marchers. Angry white onlookers threw eggs and bottles at the Blacks, while others spread roofing nails and broken glass in front of the march. The soldiers found dynamite under one of the bridges the marchers were going to cross, which was later identified as only a dummy.

When the marchers reached the outskirts of Baton Rouge, Governor McKeithen increased protection to a total of 1, National Guardsmen. Pouring rain kept most of the Klansman indoors. The tired and cold marchers took shelter in a wooded area. That evening allied civil rights demonstrators held a rally at the Capital Junior High School.

A youthful crowd of sang freedom songs and rallied behind A. Young and Lincoln Lynch as they addressed the crowd. That same night, the Klan held a rally in a nearby field, where they burned a foot cross and the flag of the Vietnamese National Liberation Front a political grouping the U. When the marchers reached reach the steps of the capital, more than supporters. Eight robed members of the Ku Klux Klan and more spectators followed the demonstrators up the steps. More than 2, National Guardsmen and policemen watched as both groups held separate rallies. There were no reports of violence.

In his speech A. Young voiced complaints about employment discrimination and called for the election of 10 Blacks running for local offices in Bogalusa. Young died in Marchers enter the City of Hammond. Young, Gal Jenkins, A. The difference between it and other versions of the cannabis plant is in the tetrahydrocannabinol THC levels. It has a level of. Making it illegal to be grown in the United States, but, the purchase of imported raw materials to manufacture products from the plant was legal.

Industrial Hemp is now classified as a commercial commodity like corn, sugarcane, and rice. As of the end of December , 40 states had passed legislation that allowed their farmers and business owners to get involved with Industrial Hemp. Louisiana is among the last 10 states to have no legislation for the commodity. If legislation is passed, the Southern University Land-Grant Campus plans to assist small farmers in the propagation of the crop.

Phills, Ph. The organization is dedicated to a free market of Industrial Hemp, Low-THC varieties of Cannabis, and to change current laws to allow Louisiana farmers to grow this crop and Louisiana processors to process this crop on a commercial scale. Domoine D. Rutledge and the Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert Jr. We have to ensure that they have a quality experience academically and otherwise.

We must also focus on the alignment of the academic inventory with workforce demands. It is one thing to have a degree but another to have a job. We must ensure our students have marketable skills to compete in a global marketplace. Also installed to the member board were Raymond Fondel and Leon R. Gilliam is a former member of the Board and most recently served as interim chancellor at Southern University Shreveport. The Board and others presented tokens of appreciation to Ann A. Smith, outgoing chair, and the Rev. Donald R. Henry, outgoing vice chair, as well as immediate past members Michael Small and the Rev.

Joe R. The board is scheduled to meet again on Feb. About one in six older Americans now remains in the workforce beyond what was once the traditional retirement age. And the number of older workers will only grow over time. One reason is that Social Security now requires you to be at least 66 to collect your full retirement benefits. Retiring earlier means a smaller Social Security check. Still others simply prefer to stay engaged and on the job. If your employer coverage takes the form of a high-deductible insurance plan with a health savings account, you should defer enrolling in Part A.

You can delay enrolling in Part B until you stop working. To learn more about how your employer health plan works with Medicare, visit www. Understanding how your insurance choices fit together as you continue working beyond 65 will help you get the best care for your dollars. By Bob Moos Southwest public affairs officer U. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge is now accepting applications for the homeownership program through February 28, Those seeking more information will be directed to additional information, including the application process, requirements for the program and income requirements with minimum and maximum income based on family size needed to qualify.

Applications can be submitted in person Monday — Friday from a. No late applications will be accepted. The event will feature a panel discussion with Black economic leaders in the Baton Rouge area, break out sessions, a keynote address from ExemptMeNow CEO, Sevetri Wilson , mini consultation sessions, food, music and more. Master Sergeant Bianca S. Sellers-Brown retired Nov. Air Force. Barbara Norton acknowledged the occasion as Bianca Brown Day.

Brown also received proclamations from Gov. John Bel Edwards and Senator W. Jay Luneau. She has driven 1. Because of her wide breadth of experience and expertise in her career field, she was also appointed to the Wing Inspection Team. Her willingness to assist when required resulted in her being requested by name to provide backfill administrative support to almost personnel assigned to the th Bomb Group at Dyess AFB, TX.

Sergeant Sellers-Brown was born in Redlands, California and enlisted in the Air Force through the delayed enlistment program in January , while a senior in high school. After graduating high school, she departed for basic military training in July She separated from active duty in December In Jan , the th Wing inactivated and was reactivated as the th Bomb Wing. Tony is a news journalist and owner of Eyes Open Productions, who was recently featured in a television documentary by Investigation Discovery.

After three years of fasting and praying, God presented the steadily growing African-American congregation with the opportunity to move into a facility utilized by Oakcrest Baptist Church, a predominantly Caucasian congregation, whose Sunday morning worship attendance was in steady decline.

Within a year, many members of the Franklin Avenue congregation returned to New Orleans, but a remnant of around stayed behind, growing to in At one time, that congregation had as many as participating in Sunday morning worship, but as the demographics around the neighborhood changed, attendance steadily declined, with fewer than 20 attending last year.

After a meeting among representatives of the two churches, in June and then another in October, Oakcrest Baptist leaders told Pigee God was leading them to allow United Believers Baptist to share the space, which is located on Greenwell Springs Road in Baton Rouge. Charles Bennett, pastor of Oakcrest , said the relationship between his church and United Believers Baptist has been pleasant. Our people are very open and appreciative by the way they have come in and made a difference for Christ. When they recognize how to correct it or change it over to another church, it allows for a vibrant Gospel witness to continue in that area.

Since moving into the new building, United Believers Baptist has spent most of its time upgrading the property and building relationships with residents of the neighborhood. Members have spruced up the landscaping, restriped the parking lot, installed lights in the parking lot, and placed monitors and additional lighting inside the worship center.

Future ministry plans include a class to prepare young boys and girls for adulthood and after-school tutoring on Wednesdays.

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  8. With his friendly smile and quiet demeanor, one would never guess the long, sometimes rough roads it took to get so far in the world of media. Born in the Millville area of Ponchatoula 80 years ago, little Eddie was fourth in a family of ten children and grew up in a far different world than today. In a time when Italians could not live in Ponchatoula and had to be out by sunset, Blacks could not walk on the sidewalks if a white person, even a child, was there.

    Both parents had third-grade educations and stressed the importance of education and solid work ethic. Regardless of color, many young people got jobs out in public before they were old enough. After graduation, it was off to the Army during the Viet Nam era, where he was in Ft.

    Just before he was sent to fight, the situation changed and he returned home to marry Carrie Wells. For two years he worked at the sawmill until following his father-in-law in construction. Three times the salary, but some of the work in those days was brutal.

    You could have started this semester! He and his wife both held two jobs to make it all possible and he commuted to Algiers to teach at L. Landry his first year. Hearing that teachers could attend Tulane at half price, he enrolled in Photography but had read every book on the subject he could find.

    Some of his club members today are professional photographers, saying they owe it all to him. He observed that even when famous Civil Rights leader, Julian Bond, spoke at Southeastern, no press covered the event. On those days, he made his lesson plans for lots of activity so he could be on his feet to stay awake in the classroom.

    Eddie and Carrie Ponds have passed along the tradition at home as well, being the proud parents of two daughters, Sharon Ponds of Ponchatoula and Michelle Nesbitt of Conyers, Georgia—both graduates of Southern University and both educators. Following them are one grandson, one granddaughter and one great-grandson. What a credit this fine gentleman is to the innumerable lives he touches in person and through media! Congratulations, Eddie Ponds! You cannot stop me from loving you, from being here for you, for doing all I can to help you.

    People are living longer and fuller lives with HIV. Nothing in your life has to change when you take your meds and remain undetectable. I felt disconnected from the world. She goes to their medical appointments and helps them plan how to live their new life, especially if the client has to do so in secret. So we counsel our clients very carefully. Her job, then, becomes to get the client to be as honest with her as possible.

    Especially, since it is required by law to disclose HIV-positive status prior to having sex. There are ways to prevent it. After several sessions—even years—together, Smith-Davis and many of her HAART clients are now friends who she has helped reclaim their lives by getting healthier, pursuing education goals, having families, moving into apartments, and living open with HIV. By Candace J. Semien Jozef Syndicate writer. This week, Gov. Edwards signed legislation creating the Council, Act , during the Regular Legislative Session earlier this year. Ted James of Baton Rouge.

    Members include the following: Rep. Ted James — Chair of the Council Rep. Barbara Norton Rep. Royce Duplessis Sen. Wesley Bishop Sen. Yvonne Colomb Rev. Sixteen students from area high schools participated in the competition. The initial rounds of the competition were held at the Law Center.

    Four students advanced to the final round that was held at the First Circuit Court of Appeal. Henry Turner Jr. Day Music Festival Community Award. Day was established in to salute individuals, organizations and companies, in the greater Baton Rouge area, for their ongoing philanthropic efforts to improve the quality of life for people in the community. As a direct result of these honors Henry Turner Jr.

    Day now pays homage to others whose on-going efforts continue to make Baton Rouge a better place. It was, at one time, one of the largest minority family owned and operated music stores in South Louisiana. Feature photo: Henry Turner Jr. A delegation of elected and appointed officials from Baton Rouge attended the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference to build allegiance around issues citizens face and find resources to bring to their Louisiana districts.

    The Baton Rouge Airport heavily relies on grants and federal dollars to expand runways and to complete capital improvement projects. Likewise, the city of Baton Rouge, the state transportation office, and the Southern University System pull most of their resources from federal dollars and grants. However, one key expectation was to promote the diverse development opportunities available at BTR.

    Through doing so, we were also able to begin some preliminary dialogue about partnerships with other institutions from other industries that can further stimulate land development and business opportunities within the North Baton Rouge area. Additionally, I was there to promote the Baton Rouge region to other attendees who are located throughout the U. We were also able to promote our Aviation Business Park along with all the economic development incentives that accompany doing business at BTR.

    Specifically, there were seminars related to federal government contracting and accessing venture capital that were engaging and thought-provoking. We were also able to meet and connect with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises from other regions which will help us to continue to grow our DBE resource pool and further our outreach efforts. The enthusiasm we saw based on the individual and group conversations at the mixer especially in wanting to help our community was great and we look forward to following up quickly on those offers for help.

    The casual setting afforded me an opportunity to have in-depth industry conversations that are often stifled around a business table. The event was a perfect recipe for successful networking. There is no doubt that the mixer will lead to business opportunities and an infusion of capital for the city; and hopefully, a direct flight from BTR to DC. We must ensure we build upon the strategies discussed at the most recent event to leverage those relationships established at the mixer for all future initiatives. It is my desire that my firm becomes a trusted advisor and business partner to these two agencies.

    I also seek to leverage my established business relationships and contacts with private and government sectors to help the Baton Rouge Airport Authority and Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development meet its business and planning goals. Otherwise, it will be lost opportunity. We are better than that. Baton Rouge is better than that. When it comes to fashion destinations Baton Rouge is city that could be at the bottom of the list, but Christopher John Rogers and Oonarissa Brown-Bernard are changing that.

    Besides dominating the charts this year? What do Cardi B and Sza have in common? Brown-Bernard, the designer behind the labels OonaNicole and DoubleOSeven, is already preparing for her fashion debut on both coasts in As Brown-Bernard resides in Austin and Rogers has put down roots in Brooklyn, the two designers take the time away from their studios to discuss, their inspirations, design processes and most importantly the effect a Louisiana upbringing had on their careers.

    I started out as an actress and I was ultimately pursuing a career as an actress. What would you say is the biggest misconception people have about those who work in the fashion industry? Each person has his or her own individual style. Not everyone has a full understanding of what it takes to create a garment from scratch. They think its simple like 1, 2, 3 and for basic design it is, but once the garment gets detailed its a totally different ball game.

    You made your New York Fashion Week debut this year, what was that experience like and what do you hope to gain from it? I learned a lot about sticking to time lines, being ridiculously organized, and how to directly communicate your vision with as much clarity as possible. ROGERS: Mostly through color, and the idea of treating it like an object as opposed to just an abstract concept placed onto other things. I love classics so I get my inspiration from the costuming in certain films. Brown-Bernard: I am not sure because fashion is forever changing as the world keeps evolving.

    What is old to us is new to the new generation with just a different name. Did living in Louisiana have an influence on your designs? Is there anything you miss about it? A sense of needing comfort in clothing depending on the garment , and understanding that things have to function. Brown-Bernard: Living in Louisiana did not have an influence on my designs; however, it influenced me to be a great designer because of where I come from and always pushing to be better. I definitely miss my family and the good food.

    If an aspiring designer came to you from Baton Rouge and said they wanted to follow in your footsteps, what would be your advice? Brown-Bernard: My advice would be intern or work under a reputable designer and learn as much as you can. This would be very difficult to accomplish in Louisiana, so my next bit of advice would be to travel and attend networking events so you can see what fashion looks like outside of Louisiana.

    James African Methodist Episcopal Church celebrated their th anniversary. St James was the first Black church in Hammond. During a funeral on September 10, the floor of the historical church foyer collapsed with about a dozen of people falling in the hole. The Hammond Fire Department arrived and completed the rescue, he said.

    Later reports stated ternite damages was the cause. James was organized by Rev. Charles Daggs, who served the church faithfully until his death. After a period, they were given permission to worship in a small school house. According to historian Antoinette Harrell , the band then moved on a site that was donated by Charles Cates, a wealthy citizen of Hammond. Under the leadership of Daggs, the first church was erected. Naming the church was easy. When, Daggs came to Hammond, that name was deeply rooted in his heart. He desired the same spirit in the newly erected Hammond church, said Harrell.

    According to Harrell, in the present site of the church, East Michigan Street, was bought by two of the church members, Israel Carter and Albert Gibson, who mortgaged their homes. The architect,. Alexander Cornelius Evans, and the builder, John Noble, were also church members. Church construction was completed in Her hobbies include volleyball, softball, dance, acting and arts.

    Paris also loves to volunteer at the food bank, feeding the homeless, and collecting clothing for girls in need. She will also be touring the famous streets of Hollywood while in California as part of her prize package. She said she plans to share her platform with girls all over the state. Paris wants to encourage young ladies to believe in themselves and always chase their dreams, just as she does. The National American Miss Pageant system is the largest in the nation. The focus of this organization is to create future leaders and to equip them with real-world skills to make their dream a reality.

    National American Miss is a pageant system for girls ages four through Help us celebrate! We invite you to congratulate Mr. Ponds on his 80th birthday and for publishing issues of The Drum. Email for more. Since then, doctors and researchers have learned to treat HIV more effectively, which means fewer people are dying and people are living longer with their disease, said Young. Many people were seeing health improvements from the new medications that were becoming available, but many still were not, and even those who did often experienced serious side effects.

    Today, the medications are so effective that someone who acquires HIV can have a normal life expectancy if they adhere to an effective medication regimen. These relationships aid HAART in providing medical treatment, medication assistance, and case management to assist patients in navigating the health care system. HAART also provides medical transportation, dental services, and mental health services. Early on, patients had a complex medication regimen that was difficult to achieve and often had side effects, some almost as serious as the disease itself.

    Multiple pills, some with and some without food, every four hours meaning interrupted sleep and other complications were normal. Now, for most with HIV, treatment is one pill once a day. HAART has survived for 22 years despite the constantly changing health care environment, and HIV care changes even more than health care in general. Health care will continue to evolve and HAART will adapt to change so we may continue to pursue our mission and commitment to our community. Semien Jozef Syndicate reporter jozefsyndicate. The project is unique because few studies to date specifically developed behavior change interventions for older African Americans that target preventing dementia, said Robert Newton Jr.

    Study participants will be randomly assigned flip of a coin to one of two behavior change programs:. However, before Newton and Carmichael could study the effects of behavior change interventions, they first had to develop a program in which older African-American adults would participate. While there have been several interventions developed for African-American adults, those plans were not specifically designed for older African Americans.

    His primary focus is examining how physical activity and exercise training interventions affect the health of African-American adults and children. Carmichael is an associate professor and director of biomedical imaging at Pennington Biomedical. His research focuses on brain aging.

    Growing up in Franklin, La. I just worked with the Olinde Career Center to be a qualified candidate. I applied and started interning when I was a sophomore. Lashley returned to JP Morgan for a second summer, this time working in treasury services. And then after that program finished, I placed permanently in trade finance and that involves importing, exporting, and working capital transactions internationally.

    So, working with a U. While a student at LSU, Lashley majored in business marketing with a minor in leadership development. Lashley said that experience at LSU, along with everything he learned through his various internships, has helped him get where he is today. In , the Tangipahoa Parish Training School opened as the first Black training school in the nation. Vocational and industrial education offered students specialized training. The school provided teacher training so that the graduated could staff the Black schools in rural towns throughout the South. The training school was the beginning of secondary public education for Black in South.

    He earned his college degree from Alcorn College, where he finished in Strange came to Tangipahoa Parish via Collins, Mississippi. He came to Kentwood, LA in Strange joined several local white businesses, and donated money to establish Kentwood Industrial School for Blacks. He raised the money, purchased land, and erected the building, one of which was named for him. The scholastic year , marked the beginning of the Training School Movement as far the Slater Fund is concerned. Professor A. Strange wrote to Dr. James H. Dillard, general agent for the John F. Slater Fund a philanthropic fund for the advancement of Negro education , soliciting aid for a Black school that would be located in Kentwood, Louisiana.

    In , Professor Oliver Wendell Dillon came to Kentwood to take charge of the one-room, one-teacher, two months a year school. Professor Dillon appealed to the local board to buy a machine, and to make cement blocks. After securing the machine he implored Black people in the area to supply labor. They made 40, cement blocks, one at a time and erected a building for educating area children. His brother Tillman moved to Chicago and became a physician.

    Professor Strange started other schools and colleges in the South. He helped many young Black students get their education. Many of the students who attended the school were the children of sharecroppers and farmers who wanted their children to get an education. Having the school auction would create a massive void in the community. Deon Johnson, executive director of O.

    The school offers free uniforms, transportations, access to a food pantry for their family. Professor Strange and Professor Dillon did the same thing in Kentwood. They solicited the support of the community who gave their resources and labor to build the oldest Training School for Blacks in the Nation. Please help us to keep this historic school and preserve our legacy. Several local campers spend a summertime of learning and fun by participating in a local program called, Camp U. Camp U. Their unique journeys began with discovering their individual personal power or the power within.

    Then, they moved to the power of team or the power of reaching across to work with others. Each girl received a certificate of commendation signed by Mayor Broome and was also given the opportunity to visit the new Metro-Council chambers where they were allowed to participate in a mock Metro-Council meeting. These girls have experienced a unique summer filled with awesome opportunities. Village of Tangipahoa Mayor Trashica Robinson along with the board of aldermen and special guests gathered July 17 to break ground on a Big Boss Travel Plaza and Bella Rose Estates, a combination convenience store and restaurant to be located off Highway The participating nations and forces exercise a wide range of capabilities and demonstrate the inherent flexibility of maritime forces.

    These capabilities range from disaster relief and maritime security operations to sea control and complex warfighting. The relevant, realistic training program includes, gunnery, missile, anti-submarine and air defense exercises, as well as amphibious, counter-piracy, mine clearance operations, explosive ordnance disposal and diving and salvage operations. Additional firsts include New Zealand serving as sea combat commander and Chile serving as combined force maritime component commander. Twenty-six nations, 46 surface ships, five submarines, and more than aircraft and 25, personnel will participate in the biennial Rim of the Pacific Exercise.

    As a member of the U. Navy, Paul and other sailors know they are part of a legacy that will last beyond their lifetimes providing the Navy the nation needs. This first-time praise comes from the Airport Minority Advisory Council, the only national, non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting the inclusion of minorities and women in contracting opportunities within aviation and aerospace industries.

    As a result, the airport earned the nominations as well. The leadership award honors an organization for demonstrating diversity inclusion within its corporate structure of procurement and employment. What I chose to do as a commissioner for the past 5 years and now the chairman of the board is to aggressively advocate for inclusion and diversity in every thing that we do at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport BTR.

    That includes assuring that minorities receive jobs and career advancement opportunities at the airport, making sure minority owned and disadvantaged businesses are in our pipeline for contracting opportunities, and making sure that we are exposing children from our community to the aviation industry. As a result, our administration is more culturally diverse than it was five years ago, BTR is much more visible in the community and BTR is supporting more North Baton Rouge businesses, organizations and non profits than ever before.

    This space allowed our diverse multi cultural population the opportunity to showcase art work which depicted the students interpretation of Louisiana and its culture. This amazing partnership between the school, district, and airport allowed McKinley the opportunity to recruit students to our program. Cleve is an amazing guy who knows the importance of having relationships between our community and business. How are you leading or assisting the commission and the airport leadership in removing those barriers? Our barrier at BTR was that our leadership was not passionate enough about inclusion and diversity as we needed to be to bring about a culture of inclusion at BTR.

    That is why I lead the charge in advocating for a national search for us a new aviation director. I felt it was very important for us to evaluate the best and brightest aviation professionals around the country; who could develop the land surrounding the airport, grow our air service by adding airlines and destinations and work with our board of commissioners to create a culture of inclusion at the airport.

    The metro council is scheduled to choose a director from the group of three finalists in the weeks to come. Plans for supplier diversity? DUNN: Supplier diversity has been and will continue to be a top priority for me. One of the first things I proposed as chairman is a board retreat where the commission and the staff could meet and develop the annual mission and goals for the airport. During my previous five years on the commission we had not been given the opportunity to have this level of input prior to budget review.

    Our first retreat will happen in the next 30 days or so; it is during this retreat where we will create and assign action items to board members and staff that will help us to build business capacity and increase our supplier diversity numbers. K, technical school, or college students? If not are there plans to do so? I often times bring young people to the airport, give them a tour of the airport and let them sit in on our commission meetings. Summer Internship Program. He committed to making it happen and he did just that!

    He made it happen and helped increase the employability of the youth in our program. After this experience some of our students later gained employment in the aviation industry. We have some 4, jobs at the airport and hundreds of contracting opportunities there as well. I will make sure that people living in and around North Baton Rouge are aware of the job and income opportunities and do what we can to help them get those opportunities. I called Mr.

    Dunn and explained the need to have a successful expo and without hesitation he made sure we had sponsorship from the Baton Rouge Metro Airport. Without his timely assistance our expo would not have been the success that it was. I want to thank the AMAC Catalyst award nominating committee for valuing and recognizing the work that many of us do around the country to promote minority-owned businesses, increase contracting opportunities and professional advancement for minorities in the aviation industry.

    I do not accept this award nomination alone. I also accept it on the behalf of all the current and former Baton Rouge Metro Airport board of commissioners who have advocated for minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses while serving on our commission. Both women share a fervent love for Black history and research which led to them winning National History Day contests at their school, district, and state levels in order to advance to the semi-finals in Maryland. More than 3, students from across the nation and countries like Guam, Korea, and China advanced to the final competition, which was held June to culminate a year-long academic program focused on historical research, interpretation and creative expression for 6th to 12th grade students.

    Of those students was Semien, a seventh grader, and Aklikokou, an eighth grader. Katherine Bodl. Mannyng Chron. Deguileville Pilgrimage Lyfe Manhode Cambr. Fabyan New Chron. Painter Palace of Pleasure II. Shakespeare Tempest iii. Crow in 12th Rep. Royal Comm. MSS App. Addison Spectator No. Radcliffe Myst. Alabama 6 Oct. Hamilton Robert Lowell xxiv. Lodge Author, Author ii.

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    time, n., int., and conj. : Oxford English Dictionary

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