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These facilities house juvenile offenders under the age of All youthful offenders are in their care and under their control. However, juvenile records are considered private in the state of Florida.

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Therefore, their records are not available for search. Family and friends may contact the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice or the individual facility for information on how to contact an inmate, visit them, or send gifts. Florida Private Prisons Florida contracts with seven private prisons to house some of their inmate population. How to Search for Private Prison Inmates Since all prisons within the state of Florida fall under the jurisdiction of the Florida Department of Corrections, finding someone in private prison is the same as searching for an inmate in state prison.

Follow the steps below to find an inmate in a Florida Private prison: Visit the Florida Department of Corrections website Go to Offender Search on the home page menu Choose the type of search you want to perform Enter in either the person's first and last names or the DC number prison inmate identifier You may then review the results of your search.

Florida has over 96, inmates in prison and another , in probation and parole supervision programs. The highest number of inmates Six percent are there because of weapons offenses, and only 5.

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Fifteen percent are incarcerated because of burglary and another fifteen due to theft or fraud. Florida takes recidivism very seriously.

Therefore, they have numerous work camps, release centers, and facilities designed to ease an inmate back into society before releasing them. The state also employs an extensive supervision program through parole and probation. They have designated check-in facilities and supervise more than , people. Some of these offenders are pre-trial or on probation at the request of the court. Other inmates will simply be released and go back to family and friends.

Inmates are paroled and released early when they behave well in prison. Once the parole board is confident the inmate does not pose a danger to others, an inmate may be released under this supervision program. Florida has an extensive parole program with facilities where parolees can check-in with their parole officer and receive assistance with getting a job, finding stable housing and integrating back into society. Those inmates with substance abuse issues may also receive special treatment and help. When a first-time offender or someone who commits a non-serious crime, is tried for their offenses, a judge can sentence probation rather than prison.

They are free to resume normal life but must be supervised closely for several months or years.

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Part of this supervision means checking in regularly with their probation officer. Last Name:. City optional :. Databases updated on November 08, Home Inmate Search Florida. The following is for informational purposes only. How Does Parole Work in Florida? Florida Department of Corrections Additional Resources. Table Chart.

Solitary Confinement-The Florida Department of Corrections.

Florida's County and Local Jail Prison Population During years Total 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, Male 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, Female 58 80 91 60 80 You will see a thumbnail photo, name, DC number, race, gender, release date, facility, and birth date. Juvenile Population in Custody During years Total Male Female 9 11 8 4 3 5. Juvenile Population in Custody During years. Why are People Incarcerated in Florida? Florida Inmate Search. Use this number to complete the search. If you are still having trouble locating your loved one, it may have to do with the following reasons:. Error: You have entered the information incorrectly.

The systems are not able to detect typos or misspellings of names, so you must be careful to enter the information exactly how the system would have it. Error: You have entered too much information. It is possible that the system can identify the right person in your offender inmate search, but that you have entered more information than the system currently has in the database. Try entering only the last name. If the system returns a number of results with the single last name, try submitting the first letter of the first name plus the last name.

Narrow down your search by adding one letter at a time if necessary. Error: Incorrect correctional facility.

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  5. If you are still unable to find any results, please consider the type of correctional facility once more. As a reminder, inmates in Federal Prison will always be found at www. Inmates in county jail will be found on the specific county websites while inmates in a state facility will be found on the specific state websites.

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    Another free resource for searching state-by-state is TextBehind. Many systems have complete profiles on each inmate including a photo, incarceration history and more. If your offender inmate search does not provide a profile like the one mentioned above, you can likely find it by searching within the results. For example: If the results include a table with columns, some of the content in those columns may be clickable.