A no-fault and amicable divorce solution.

Often, an experienced divorce and dissolution attorney can assist by guiding a party through the issues and drafting an agreement. In fact, it is possible to convert a divorce proceeding to a dissolution if the couple is able to reach agreement on all outstanding issues.

Whether you are attempting to resolve your issues amicably and hope to pursue a dissolution, or you are in conflict with your spouse and expect to use the divorce process, your first step should be to talk with an experienced Ohio family law attorney. You can get started right now by scheduling a consultation with one of our divorce and dissolution lawyers. What is the Difference Between Divorce and Dissolution?

FAQs About Ohio Dissolution of Marriage - Ohio Divorce Source

The Ohio Divorce Process An Ohio divorce case is filed and served on the other spouse much like any civil lawsuit in Ohio. Under Ohio law, the only grounds for divorce are: Adultery Extreme cruelty Fraudulent contract Gross neglect of duty Habitual drunkenness One of the parties had a living spouse at the time of the marriage The non-filing spouse was willfully absent for a period of at least one year One of the parties procured a divorce outside the state, which released that party from his or her legal obligations but left the other bound The parties have lived separate and apart for an uninterrupted period of at last one year Incompatibility, unless denied by either spouse It is notable that even when the parties have been separated for months, an Ohio spouse cannot obtain a divorce unless he or she can prove one of the listed fault grounds or the other spouse agrees that the couple is incompatible.

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Termination of Marriage and Legal Separation in Ohio

Class Action. Affidavit of Property one per party — must match Separation Agreement. Waiver of Legal Representation if filing without an attorney. Parenting Proceeding Affidavit.


Child Support Guidelines both parties must sign worksheet. Shared Parenting Plan if applicable. All petitions for dissolution shall be filed in triplicate if there are minor children born during the marriage or if the petition requests establishment of the father and child relationship; and in duplicate if there are no minor children born during the marriage and the petition does not request establishment of the father and child relationship. Must occur between 30 and 90 days from the filing of the Petition. The Dissolution is normally finalized the day of the hearing.

Withholding Forms if child support ordered. Deviation Findings if child support deviated.

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Code Sec. The documents required are listed in the next column.

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Local Rule 21 Oh. Both parties must attend the hearing.