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By mmbaldwin , May 6, in Carnival Cruise Lines. This is my first cruise since my name changed after marriage three years ago. I have my original sealed birth certificate, an original sealed copy of my marriage license, and my driver's license.

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I've read the carnival boards and believe I'm okay, but would love to hear from someone in this situation who sailed out of baltimore recently. Closed loop cruise However taking advice from a travel forum And total strangers is not a wise idea. Go to your online acct for this sailing and review what YOUR cruiseline says are the Required documents. Sent from my iPhone using Forums. Sounds like she did read what CCL has to say and is now soliciting input from others regarding their direct experience, which all too often can be different than what is written.

OP, we sailed on the Pride and used the exact same documentation you had. The check in lady didn't even want to see our marriage certificate, but we did have it just in case. It is the right documentation. But, if you plan to cruise much in the future, it might be a good idea to get a passport. The only problem with THAT, at this time, is that you send your original birth certificate to get the passport.

If you have another original copy you could do it, but if not, skip it until next time.

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Two of my daughters have recently applied for passports and one got it in 10 days. The other took almost 6 weeks. If the OP chose to apply copies could be made of the birth cert and that could be used for boarding if necessary. A passport card is good for closed loop cruises and open jaw sailings from Canada, Bermuda, Mexico and the Caribbean. For a closed loop cruise begins and ends in the same US port you are correct. But a passport card will do you no good if you need to fly back to the US during the cruise due to an emergency, unlikely but always possible.

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If your going to go through the effort to get the card pay the little extra and get a book instead. We considered the options and went with the passcards due to the cost. Timeframe and budget did not allowed is to do the latter. But if the budget was no issue, I would have preferred the passports for sure!

I've always sailed with a passport. I will be renewing mine with my last name. I just wasn't sure if it was necessary before we leave. I wouldn't need to mail anything in. But still a turnaround time required for that. Have never needed a marriage certificate. We always simply use BC and DL The BC is to confirm you're an American Citizen The names on the document must match or you may be asked for the linking document for the different names. Do not be mislead by any posters who frequently post misleading, useless or totally wrong information.

I have always wondered why they needed a marriage certificate if you have a driver's license. States require proof of your marriage before they will change your name to your married name.

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Your license has your picture on it for most states. That license now becomes your legal proof of identity. For a woman, as long as your photo ID matches, exactly, the name you "booked" under you only need the ID and your birth certificate confirming you are a US citizen for sailings originating in the US. A marriage certificate is only needed if you booked under your married name but have not updated your driver's license. Non US citizens need a passport. If you are a US citizen, do not have a passport, and you were born outside of the US you will need your naturalization papers.

Legal US aliens ie students, green card holders will need their documentation. As others have said it is best to read the Carnival regs and come prepared. Here is the link read it all :. Once again the devil is in the details and reading comprehension. The mistake is in only reading a part of the information. The link above only gives part of the information because the paragraphs above the quoted section gives clear definition what is considered travel documents [use of a passport or combination of government issued photo ID driver's license for many AND birth certificate ] and has the following statement:.

It is important that the guest's full name on the cruise and airline tickets be the same as the guest's non-expired government-issued photo I. Failure to bring documentation bridging the name differences could result in denial of boarding. The problem if one does not have the linking documentation is not when one is boarding the ship all documentation is not always checked but when one tries to enter the country and the birth certificate name does not match the driver's license name and there is no linking documentation.

Then there might be an issue. Once again, please be careful with posters who frequently post under different user's names? Sent from my iPad using Forums. This information is being collected by the cruise lines at least 14 days before departure. Most cruise lines collect this information through their website and airlines collect the needed information at the time of reservation. Passengers not complying with this regulation will be denied boarding and will not be entitled to a refund.

Travel documents

Please make certain that all passengers comply with the document requirements for your cruise. Obtaining a Visa is the Sole Responsibility of the Traveler! TravelPerks does not provide visas. Check with your supplier and the consulate of the countries you're visiting for what visas you may need. Here is a link to a recommended visa service.

Keep in mind that the closed-loop exemption is only for cruises. We highly recommend everyone travel with a valid US passport regardless of closed-loop status. The photo ID must be issued by a state or federal government, i. If you are traveling with your birth certificate as proof of citizenship, and your name has changed since the birth certificate was issued, you must provide documentation supporting the name change such as marriage certificate or court document.

Please Be Advised:. About half the country is now in compliance with the federal law, meaning those residents have until Oct. All non-U. All others must show a valid passport and other required visas including a multi-entry visa for the U. It is the sole responsibility of all guests to provide the proper citizenship documentation required for the embarkation of their vessel and re-entry into the United States.

Guests will also be responsible for providing proper identification upon airport check-in. Those without proper identification will be denied boarding. Guests denied boarding by immigration officials or travel providers due to lack of proper documentation, criminal convictions, or any reason, will not be entitled to a refund. A long cruise with tours in a foreign country? No problem.

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Erratic friends who can't make up their mind if they want to go or not? Last minute hotel bookings needed? And should I mention the bonuses? Getting random calls to let us know we've been upgraded in our cabinor the cruise fare has dropped? Extra onboard credit?

Passport Information for U.S. Travelers

I use a travel agency so I don't have to worry. There are a million and one websites out there that all have information on them. You can look at peer reviews until you are blue in the face.

Is this ship really that bad? Is it the best thing ever? Is the resort awesome? Was it an isolated incident?