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Most condenser mics need phantom power either from the recording device or a battery. This one does not. The funny thing is that it was actually louder than my powered Audio-Technica. I don't know what kind of magic is going on there, but it sounds great. In fact, it's so strong and powerful, I think I'll clip it lower on my lapel than the position I previously used the Audio-Technica. At this price point, this is a no-brainer for recording marketing videos or YouTube vlogs video blogs. Get it.

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You won't regret it. Earth for now. Got this as a replacement for our Karaoke microphone and for my eldest's video recording want's to be a youtube movie maker with some toys. I was impressed right out of the box, has a cool box and feels good in your hand well, a bit small for me but just right for my wife and kids. All have been clear and sound better than the microphone that came with the karaoke we bought. The tripod is more than sturdy enough for the microphone and was easy to put together.

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Overall, great item so far and it seems to be build well enough to last! If you are looking forward to getting a good microphone, but don't want to cost over forty dollars, then the Fifine USB Plug and Play Condenser Microphone is for you. I purchased this about two weeks ago and it came in about a week, which is not too bad. When I reviewed it on an online voice recorder, I thought it was bad but realized that when I recorded it on video, it sounded WAY better. I'm probably not going to change microphones for a long time until I get more subscribers on YouTube.

I used to use a headphone microphone and it was so bad, I made my videos I recorded with it private. When I tested the Fifine microphone, it sounded like a charm. I would like to thank Fifine for making such a good microphone for only thirty-two dollars! If you are at a cheap budget, than this microphone is This is a really good mic set, I especially love that this one come with a desk clamp, the other mic I got before didn't include that.

The quality of the mic is pretty good, definitely miles better than my laptop's mic which is why I wanted to get this.

I want to try making videos for youtube with voice over work when showing baking recipes and a good mic set up is a must. I really love how l can adjust the stand so l can put it away when not in use. It wasn't hard to put the clamp on the edge of the table either, rather straight forward honestly. I like that l don't have to install any driver to be use it.

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All l need to do is plug it in and turn it on and it's all set. It all came packaged neatly and safely and It came carefully packaged in it's own box with all the necessary equipment. I was excited to try it.

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Very sensitive and get low noise as described. Definitely the best purchase i have made on Amazon The mic arrived way before the date i got, which is a big deal for me! I am completely satisfied with the mic and their services. Excellent quality! PreSonus Eris E3. Cons: - Cables you get are pretty mediocre - Cabinet build quality feels cheap A quick background. I was looking to upgrade my 15 year old set of pc speakers that work but I knew I could get better. Sound wise these are called "Multimedia Studio Monitors" and by that definition these are really accurate.

I also primarily have headphones with a flat response curve so these very much sound like headphones in that regard. They do This is my second different maker lapel microphone. My first one was stolen, if you can believe that, unfortunately. I recently took to vlogging and decided that I need to use a lapel microphone when I'm outside.

I didn't want to invest in a lot of money right away, especially since it might get stolen again, or lost. So I looked for a good rated and not too expensive one. This turned out to be a great purchase. It sounds great, better that the mic in my iPhone when recording. It should come in handy for use on my laptop as well, although I haven't used it there, yet. Overall, it's a great microphone and I would definitely recommend it.

Live on the Lavalier Microophone. You can record quality sound at an affordable price. Make sure the microphone is covered with the windscreen to prevent the popping noise which may be caused by breathing onto the microphone. This is a great microphone for bloggers and vloggers. Any data collected is anonymised. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies.

You can change your cookie settings at any time. Tachographs record information about driving time, speed and distance. All commercial vehicles first registered on or after 1 May must be fitted with digital tachographs. Otherwise you can use an analogue tachograph. Information from digital tachographs is saved on smart cards so it can be checked later. There are different types of card for:. They include the rules on:.

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There are specific rules for tachographs and horse boxes or trailers and tachographs and recovery vehicles. To help us improve GOV.

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