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The superior vena cava is the larger of the two veins that transport deoxygenated blood back to the heart. The superior vena cava carries used blood from the head and upper body to the right atrium upper chamber of the heart. This vein is in the middle of the chest and is surrounded by lymph nodes. Superior vena cava syndrome is the name given to the symptoms that occur when the blood flow through the superior vena cava is blocked or compressed.

Superior vena cava syndrome most often occurs as a complication of another medical issue, such a tumor or a swollen lymph node obstructing the flow of blood through the vein. If the obstruction causing superior vena cava syndrome is not causing a total blockage, a person may not experience any symptoms. More often, a person with a partial blockage will experience mild symptoms that they may overlook.

If the blockage is complete or worsens quickly, a person is likely to experience more extreme symptoms.

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A child's windpipe is smaller and less rigid than an adult's, making it more prone to swelling quickly and causing breathing problems. Symptoms are often similar to those in adults and tend to be due to lymphoma cancer of the lymphatic system. Pregnant women in their late second and third trimester may experience a condition similar to superior vena cava syndrome.

Symptoms occur when the inferior vena cava the smaller of the two veins that transport deoxygenated blood back to the heart gets compressed by pressure from the fetus and the enlarged uterus. A pregnant woman may experience lightheadedness and low blood pressure when lying directly on her back. Lying on the left side often resolves these symptoms. If a doctor suspects a person has superior vena cava syndrome, they will first do a physical exam.

The exam may show enlarged veins in the upper body. If the physical exam suggests superior vena cava syndrome, a doctor will likely order several additional tests, including:. If a tumor is found to be responsible for the blockage, a doctor may order a biopsy to determine what type of tumor is causing the problem. This course attempts to show the value of object-oriented design. Various implementations of data structures and the efficiency of the associated algorithms are discussed. Topics to be covered include stacks, queues, keyed tables, recursion, linked lists, binary trees, B -trees and other types of trees, sorting, searching, hash functions, and external sorting.

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This course examines both the theory and practices that serve as the foundations of cybersecurity. Offered fall semester alternate years fall Prerequisite: CS or permission of the instructor. This course covers areas of mobile forensics, including topics from the legal and technical aspects of the discipline. Software based forensics tools will be utilized to examine mobile communication and computing devices. Removable storage mediums will also be addressed. A focus will be placed on recovering data that could be used to identify users and their actions. Supporting topics will also c over the basics of the investigative process, issues regarding privacy, incident response policies and procedures, evidence gathering, exhibit handling, and differences between private and criminal investigations.

Offered on an irregular basis. Good decisions involving the design of a user interface can lead to programs that are easier for end users to execute. Code that is written by programmers who are sensitive to ergonomic issues will execute faster, have fewer errors, require less training time and ultimately give its end user a greater sense of satisfaction. This course will discuss the many issues involving such human-computer interaction.

A group project involving the design or re-design of a site or application will be completed. Prerequisite CS or CS Offered spring semesters alternate years spring This course will present overviews of the roots of artificial intelligence, predicate calculus, the importance of search and search techniques, knowledge representation and knowledge-based problem-solving, the complexity of natural language and machine learning.

In addition to other assignments, students will be required to complete projects using languages and techniques which will be introduced during the course. This course provides an introduction to management information systems, e-commerce, planning, and decision support systems explaining how information is used in organizations, the role of information technology professionals, and how information systems are used to an advantage in business settings. Social and ethical issues related to the design, implementation and use of information systems will be addressed.

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Basic information technology project management skills will be covered as well as the issues and challenges involved in managing an information services department and navigating organizational structures in the corporate world. Offered fall semester alternate years fall An introduction to the algorithms of scientific computation and their application to problems in engineering, algebra and calculus. Prior programming experience is not required. Prerequisite: MA or MA This course examines a topic of current interest in the field of computing.

Prerequisite: CS or permission of instructor. This course may be repeated as long as the topic is different. Study of ethical issues in the fields of engineering and computing: Topics include safety and liability, professional responsibility to clients and employers, whistle-blowing, codes of ethics, legal issues that relate to privacy, intellectual property rights, and cybercrime.

The course also examines issues concerning the use and development of developing and emerging technologies that may involve computers or be used by computing or engineering professionals. The majority of the course involves building an ecommerce site and using webpages as front-ends to server-based databases. This course examines the features, implementation, and design of programming languages. Various high-level programming languages representing different programming paradigms will be covered.

Java will be used as the primary example of an object-oriented programming language. Programming language translation and runtime features such as storage allocation will be among the topics that are considered. Offered spring semester. This course concentrates on designing, writing, installing, and configuring software for Linux and Windows servers.

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Server-based software projects often provide a service that many users can access simultaneously, often over the network. Also covered is the use of git and GitHub in managing projects and installing software.

Prerequisites: CS This course covers the major areas of data communications and networking. LAN technologies and the configuration of routers and switches are also included. This course will address computer networking beyond the OSI model framework. Current industry techniques and technologies are explored in areas of voice, mobile, wireless, and remote technologies.

Issues in system security, performance, and maintenance will also be examined. Click to Compare. View Printable Version. View larger image. Hover image to zoom. Benefits Member Access Unlimited access to all member content on which. Monthly Which? Click here to take out a trial membership to Which?

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