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Login to find your connection. Richard Stillwell abt. Richard Stillwell. Son of Nicholas Stillwell and [mother unknown]. Father of Henry James Stillwell. Died about in Holland, Dubois, Indiana. Profile managers : Laurie Wentz [ send private message ], Debra Kelley [ send private message ], and Ronald Rideout [ send private message ]. Profile last modified 19 Feb Created 27 Sep Sponsored Search. Is Richard your ancestor? Please don't go away! Sponsored Search by Ancestry.

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Search Records. DNA Connections It may be possible to confirm family relationships with Richard by comparing test results with other carriers of his Y-chromosome or his mother's mitochondrial DNA. Images: 1 Article describing military service. Contents 1 Biography 1. Apr , NE, 16, R. Nov , 12, b.

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KS, and Ervin, son, b. Jun , NE, 5. Estella Van Wickle, b. Partially located: Abram Van Wickle b. Van Wickle in the listing for Clarence below. Still do not know where Clarence fits in, however. Adam Van Wickle , 43 b. Germany servant in household of Samuel and Emma Winger. David's father, Cornelius went by the surname Van Wickle and there was a change of surname to Van Wickler among most, if not all of Cornelius' children.

Perhaps this Adam reverted to the old surname? The birth year is close is that the census for Adam J. Van Wickler shows a birth year of about Additional information from familysearch. Lena Covert b. Lena is dau. Barbara S. Van Wickle b. Bertha Van Wickle Conrow wife of G. Donald Conrow, b. Donald was a farmer in Howell, NJ and retired from farming in Conrow Strickland of Farmingdale, NJ and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.

NJ living in household of James Scott. Van Wickle , b. NJ in household of John Butler, 59, Farm laborer, b. NJ, and Samantha Howell, 64, b. Telegraph operator. Relative listed is probably his wife, Fanny Agnes Van Wickle. Charles is described as tall, medium build with blue eyes and brown hair. NY NY, Eng. Van Wickle, 47, head, b. IL father b. CAN, mother b. IL , telegrapher at bank, with wife Fannie G. NY, parents b. NJ father b. NY with wife, Maryann, 35, b. CT father b. ME, mother b. NJ and Charles, son, 14, b. NJ and Nicholas, son, 13, b. Harvey cannot be found after US Census.

Gardner Stewart then marries 2nd marriage to Josephine Thayer, although his three daughters are by marriage to Clarissa Buell Van Wickle. There is some conjecture here. A fuller explication of details can be found on the family page for Harvey and Clarissa Van Wickle. Appears to have originated as Van Winkle and changed to "Van Wickle" over time. That is, Simeon's father was Tim Van Wickle, b. Tim's father was Simeon Van Winkle, b. Simeon's father was S. NY; parents b. NY with Cyrus Bern, 49, single, b. Eng Eng,Eng , servant, private home. NY parents b. NY farmer of own farm with wife, Leila, 59 b.

NY and son, Harry L. Next door is Abram Van Wickle, 24, b. NY , meter reader for Waterloo Water Co. Eng parents b. Eng and Doris M. NY, and Betty J. Sillon B, the world's largest horse, owned by Clarence H. Van Wickle, died recently of a strange malady that baffled the best veterinarians.

The horse stood 21 hands about 7 feet , weighed 3, pounds, and measured up to 9 feet to the top of his neck. He was scheduled to make an appearance at the Chicago Exposition. NY, with wife Ester, 39, b. All children b. NY with wife, Ester, 49, b. NY in household of Charles and Anor. Daisy Van Wickle b. David Van Wickle , 8, pauper b. Names appear in roster-like fashion and separate from each other--as if a listing of a poor house or something.

Ireland parents b. Ireland in home of Edgar Goldson. Dorothy Van Wickle b. Van Wickle, head, 39, married at age 32, b. Hilcoat, 4, single, b. MI Scotland, MI. Edmund Van Wickle b. Possibly located? Edward Van Wickle b. Apr Two daughters, Grace and Eleanor, b. IGI records on familysearch. NY Ire, Ire , dau. NY, and dau. Eleanor, 23, single, b. NY, stenographer, and dau.

NY, model coat manufacturer , and granddau. Apr , NY married to Edward b. NJ on 3 Jul My best guess at this point is that Edward is the son of Isaac Van Wickle, b. In USC, Isaac is unmarried, age 22, and living with his father, stepmother, and younger sister. The US Census for E. It appears that Isaac got married after and his wife died prior to in order for him to be listed as a widower in That leaves room for the possibility that he married Ellen Curtis abt.

I did find an Ellen Curtis, age 18 b. Ellen designed the dress patterns and husband, William, published them in his magazine. This may all be just a coincidence or perhaps Edward's mother, Ellen Curtis, was somehow connected to Ellen Curtis Demorest Perhaps someone will locate a critical piece of evidence that cements the connection. Effie H. October , Van Buren Michigan and m. Elizabeth Van Wickle b. Eugene Van Wickle b. Next door is James Van Wickle, head 62, b. Florence Van Wickle b. MO, farm laborer. Miss G. Van Wickle Louisiana marriages, lists A. Oneal married to Miss G. George H.

Van Wickle, head, 54, b. Van Wickle, 31, merchant, C. Van Wickle, 19, female, and C. VanWickle, 9, with Lydecker, Abram and Susan. MN, and stepdaughter, Hazel Van Wickle, 12, single, b. Ida Van Wickle b. MD parents b. MD , saleswoman of dry goods, roomer in home of Mollie Root. Jack Van Wickle b. Jan , 53, M, b. Feb , NJ, 23, single, bank clerk, and Jessie, dau. Aug , NJ, 17, single, at school. James Van Wickle b. Van Wickle, b. IL, Hazell, dau. IL, and Rex, son, 1 mo. John Van Wickle m.

Martha Norsweather on 10 January Polk, Texas familysearch. John Van Wickle or Van Winkle? Matthews, 60, farmer. NJ with wife, Mary, 35, b. NY, and Albert, 20, farmer, b. IL, Charity, 13, b. IL, John, 8, b. IL, Louise, 5, b. IL, and Adrian, 5 mos. AR, farmer with Sarah Van Wickle, 5, b. AR, and Alexander Van Wickle, 3, b. John VS Van Wickle b. May , M , b. NJ with parents b. Josephine Van Wickle b. Kenneth Van Wickle b. Lillian Van Wickle b. Loretta Van Wickle b. Mabel Van Wickle b.

Martha is listed as b. Marvin Van Wickle b. Mary S. Avery, son, 28, single, b. Van Wickle, sister in law, 64, b. Mary Van Wickle b. Jan , 18, b. May Van Wickle b. Myra Van Wickle b. Donaldson familysearch. Could this Nicholas be a previously unidentified son of Evert Van Wickle?

PA, Domestic, in household of William Williams, 56, farmer. NJ, Sarah, 25, b. VA, and Munson C. Van Wickle, 4, male , b. Richard Van Wickle or Van Wickel b. Household includes one male under 5, one , 1 [Richard] and one female [Phebe]. The household includes one male under 5, one male , one , one [Richard] and one female [Phebe Conklin Van Wickel]. Here Richard Van Wickel and wife Phebe, dau. Moore bought the property in In she added 25 acres. Borough Hill now stands on part of the tract. House held by Moores to The c. There is a living room on the main floor with a loft above that has been finished into two small bedrooms and bath.

The interior walls are plastered. The living room mantle, Parsons cupboard and some interior framing are of the Federal style. Some of the original floorboards have been covered with modern day flooring. A window marks the location of the original front entrance. The north side of the house has two small windows just below the roofline which is characteristic of a possibly earlier date. A small wing has been added to the south side of the house to include a present day small kitchen, additional bedroom and bath. The exterior walls of this later wing are clapboard.

In the s Burl Ives, balladeer and folk music historian lived in a small outbuilding near the barn site before the property was subdivided in the early s. Robert Van Wickle b. CAN parents b. NY with wife, Mary G, 34, keeping house, b. Ohio father b. PA, mother b. OH with daughter, Ellins, 18, keep house, b.

IN father b. VA, mother b. OH , son, Arthur, 15, at school b. Ella M, 8 b. NJ in household of Thomas Higgins. Susan Van Wickle b. NY , Insurance agent, with Meara Mary?

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Verges Van Wickle b. Virginia Van Wickle b. Van Wickle, 29, b. NJ, laborer in household of Nathaniel Harrold. Van Wickle, head, 32, b. OH may be Van Winkle with wife, Mary, 48, keeps house, b. IL parents b. IL , laborer, with wife, Leloie, 24, b. Arkansas parents b. KS and dau. William N. Van Wickle, 50, head, b.

CA father b. IA, mother b. CA with wife, Lily, 47, b. New Zealand father b. Australia, mother b. CA, and son, Homer, 13, b. William S. Van Wickle, 51, farmer, with wife, Sarah, 51, keeping house, and Mary E. Van Wickle, 15, b.

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Van Wicklen. Kelley, 3 August , Huron, OH. In Co. Albert Van Wicklen , age 50 b. Alicia K. Van Wicklen , female, b. July , NY Germany, Germany , 50, widow, grocer. James Davis, boarder, 72, single, b. Ann Amelia Van Wicklen b. Children: John Nostrand b. Garret Nostrand's parents are John R. Nostrand b. Garret's siblings are Abram b. Nostrand, head, 55, farmer, b. NY with wife, Ann Amelia, 24, keeping house, and Annie, 10, dau. Nostrand, 13, stepson, at school, Garrett Nostrand, stepson, 11, at school, and William B. French, 7, son, at home, and Benjamin Van Wicklen, 28, brother-in-law, tinsmith.

The reason for suspecting this is that in the US Census see above Ann Amelia's brother, Benjamin, a tinsmith, is residing with her. No census data can be found that lists Ann Amelia in the household of Foster, including the census where she is a young child. However, we find Ann Amelia in the household of H. Anne E. Van Wicklen b. Steven W. Conder b. Sills via 15Feb06 email. NY residing as cousin to Nicholas Quick. Genealogical research conducted by Denise Davis uncovered the names and vital statistics for all four children and the grandchildren of Daniel and Julia Van Wicklen.

Arthur Van Wicklen , male, b. Mother's maiden name was Jolly. Both Daniel and Julia are b. NY and they move west in that their daughter, Eva, is b. The Arthur VW here was b. Daniel fights in Civil War in both NY and Indiana regiments and then files from Kansas as invalid for pension in , and Julia files for pension in a subsequent year ? Daniel Van Wicklen also appears on N. Brian J. Kecia A. Pearson b. Tina R.

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Oneill b. Sills via 16Feb06 email. Carol Ann [Costanzo] Van Wicklen gravelocator. Caroline Van Wicklen , age 69, married b. Courtesy, Cheryl Viger via 11 Dec email. Charles C. Van Wicklen , b. Christina R. NY Germ, Germ. Hempstead, Queens, NY. Census only lists number of males and females by age and there are: 1 male age , 2 males age , 1 male under age 5 and 1 female age , one female age , 1 female age and two females under age five. This might be Cornelius and wife with one of their mothers and six children. Could this be his family?

Daniel Van Wicklen, enlisted as Pvt. Relationship of Jennette to David and Mary is unclear. NY with Emma Van Wicklen, wife, 27, b. NY father b. CT and mother b. Edith L. A granddaughter, Edith L. Van Wicklen executrix. Van Wicklin , b. NY , widow, no occupation, with son, Edsall Van Wicklen, 24, b. NJ , laborer. Lived Waterbury, CT in See also Myrta Van Wicklen below. Edward Van Wicklen , age 50 b. Edward, Clara, and Lillian are actually residing in the household of Edward J. Tollner, head, 32, b. NY, son, William, 8, daughter, Ruth, 4 yrs, 4 mos.

Mary is a daughter of Edward and Clara, and older sister of Lillian. NY , superintendent of oil co. Ireland, mother b. NY and dau. NY , secretary for a doctor. Edwin Joseph Van Wicklen, gravelocator. Edwin J. Van Wicklen, Jr. Anne M. Cummings b. Dec , 78, widow, b. Elizabeth Van Wicklen , d. Van Wicklen, below Ella Van Wicklen , age 65, b. Ella Van Wicklen , b. Florence G. Van Wicklen , d. Who is this Garret Van Wicklen? Garret Van Wicklen, Gravelocator.

NY, rooming at hotel operated by John Charlick, 35, hotel keeper. NY , house builder, in home of Adolph and Theresa Schaefler. Adolph is a butcher who has his own shop. Both sets of parents b. Caroline's mother, Caroline Squearde, age 79 b. Hempstead is the same. George Van Wicklen, 17, farm laborer, b. July , M, 39, b. March , issued NY. Henrietta was his aunt. My aunt Henrietta [Eiring] Van Wicklen passed away recently and in going through her jewelry and papers we found a set of wedding rings engagement and wedding ring inscribed GVW to HE and the date was 6 June Henrietta was born and raised in that neighborhood and her parents lived on Meeker Ave.

This is a previously unknown marriage of hers.

On the record for Aug. 27

She was b. Van Wicklen at the age of 18 in In the fall of from other correspondence to the same address, George Thorsen wrote to her as Henrietta Eiring -- which was her maiden name HE. She was apparently married for not more than a period of two years to GVW. The marriage ended and she assumed her maiden name. She married George Thorsen on 5 June They were my aunt and uncle. I have pictures of Henrietta and George Van Wicklin. He appears to be 23 or Fairly short and slender, wavy hair parted down the middle, and rather dapper and well dressed for the depression.

The engagement ring has a medium sized diamond in it and the wedding band is fully set in diamonds. For this suggests a measure of prosperity. There is a billboard in the background that tells one what is playing at the Steel Pier and announces the famous diving horses which the Steel Pier was noted for. We also have an 8x10 of them as members of a wedding party where there are 3 couples; the bride and groom and two others.

The groom looks like he might be a brother to George VW. That wedding must have taken place between and That may help us identify him. The marriage certificate is Brooklyn no. Response from Michael Wolfe dated 13 July -- "My family was of Greenpoint during the second half of the 19th century, ran lumberyards and lumber mills [powered by tidal currents up the east river].

Many of the VWs were builders. My great grandfather, John Youngs Van Wicklen had his house and lumber yards a few blocks from Noble Street but I do not have any information on your George and Henrietta. I have a pretty good completeness of this branch of the tree and this George is not a part.

There is a possibility that he came across the creek from Newtown where there were several VW families expanding out from Jamaica, NY. This would fit the time frame for a man who was two years older than my aunt v. His last known residence was Utica, NY My aunt's SSN started with so the geographic region of birth matches and since people were far less mobile in those days, that may be useful.

She also found a George Van Wicklen b. Perhaps this is George, Jr. Gertrude Van Wicklen , age 34 b. July , single, b. Jan , NY parents b. Ireland with Biance, Teabold, 21, single, b. NY , Gladys Van Wicklen, dau. NY , and William Teabold, son, 16, single, b. NY Gladys Teabold appears to have married a Mr. Van Wicklen, but no idea why she is living in the household of her mother and apart from her husband. Aug Hannah Van Wicklen , 24 of Seymour, b. Witness was Calvin Quacil of Hastings. Germany in household of George and Phyllis Lyon, ages 66 and 60 respectively.

Van Wicklen, b.

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Nearest relative is Jeanette Van Wicklen at same address. Horatio is described as being medium height with slender build with blue eyes and blonde hair. Irma A. J acob Van Wicklen , b. NY , Oysterboat deckhand, in household of Capt. Adolphus Ford, Oysterboat Capt. Jacob S. Jacqueline M. Neil J. Oosterbaan b. Director of poor house is Isaac Horton. Brookville Cemetery, Glen Head, L.

Which Garret? Cemetery Inscript. The approximate time and the Jamaica location are good fits. Says Marie -- " I have been working for 18 years now on my Hubbs family in particular. After much digging I have come to the conclusion that there is a possibility of a missing Van Wicklen daughter as follows:". Charles Hubbs b. Tracking her parentage, I feel I have found her father Jacobus Nagle Naegle-Naugles - spelled many different ways in the old records b. NY and died after when he was mentioned in his father's will. How or why they would have had a daughter baptized over there I cannot explain, but I can tell you that there are no Nagels or Van Wicklens in any of those early tax records or land records that would apply to that particular time.

My thinking then is that they were visiting friends or maybe a favorite preacher had gone there. Child was baptized at the Dutch Reformed Church Bensalem. Reviewing your data, it seems to me that this Jannetye would fit right into your family of Janz Van Wicklen and Tryntje Gerrits. I wonder if there was ever any speculation of missing daughters for this family?

John Van Wicklen , b. NYC so b. Ireland so b. Kings so b. Solpha, 3 yr, b. Van Wicklen, 14 or 16? Hopkins, 9, and Lillian Ida Hopkins, 4. NY, Farmer, in household of Rosalle Thayer, 45, male, farmer, b. NY, Armeda, 35, b. OH, keeps house, Ella, 14, helps mother, b. OH, and Anne, 1 month, b. Poland , and stepson, William Van Wicklen. Oct , 1, b. NY Germ, Germ , Caroline, dau.

NY, Dorothy, 7, b. NY, and Mabel, 4, b. Wife: Dorothy. John is of medium build and height with blue eyes, brown hair, and bad feet. NY, dau. NY, and son, John, 3 years, 6 months, b. John Van Wicklen , age 76 b. Van Wicklen , age 63 b. NY , carpenter, with wife, Mary, 54 b. This is John E. Van Wicklen is also a good candidate. John F. John H. Van Wicklen "in the news"- Brooklyn Eagle 18 February , page 4.

Breach of Promise. A fashionable young lady takes her grievance to court. Van Wicklen, of Lawrence, and Constable Wright was directed to serve it at once. The fair complainant is Miss Nettie Shaw. She was accompanied to court by her counsel, George A. Miss Shaw told the old story of a misplaced trust. She says Mr. Van Wicklen asked her to marry him and before giving her consent she consulted with her mother and aunt, and in their presence the engagement was made. The betrothed couple attended all the balls and soirees, and as the day for their marriage approached, society in Lawrence, by reason of certain events, busied itself not a little with the affair, the result being that Van Wicklen asked for a postponement of the wedding, which was refused.

Then followed a disagreement which resulted in an estrangement, with the result that Van Wicklen is probably by this time fast in the clutches of the law. Wolfe via 15 Sep 07 email. Van Wicklen, 26, single, b. NY, soldier, Troop K, 3rd Cavalry. Hood River, ED , Sheet 1a, p. Van Wicklen, John H. NY, Scotland manager general store with wife, Mabel E. Joseph Van Wicklen , 35 or possibly 25, hard to read , laborer, b. Joshua P. Van Wicklen , male, b. Ulysses Joshua Van Wicklin , male, b. The fatal shooting of 9-year-old Judith Van Wicklen by a playmate was termed accidental by coroner, Edward E.

Uriah m. American Civil War Soldiers Ancesty. He joined Co. C, 12th Cav. Promoted to full corporal on 31 Aug and mustered out Co. OH parents b. OH and Joel Jolley, sister, 19, b. OH, harness maker. Juliann C. Julie E. Mother's maiden name, Doreis. Libbie Van Wicklen, b. Brooklyn Eagle of 27 May , page 14 in General notes section states that Peter N.

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Layton, of Port Washington. Louis W. Mother's maiden name, Combs. Illinois; mother b. Ireland , Rancher, sheep ranch. Courtesy, Cheryl Viger via 4 Dec mailing. Mary Van Wicklen , b. Wykoff: Vol. NY; Helen J. NY, Mary A. NY, Annie M. NY, and Patrick F. Carbery, nephew, 32, b. NY, single, laborer, paper factory. Ireland with daughter, Mary Brown, 34, widow, son, John Brown , 17, dau.

Matthew F. Marta M. Booth b. Elizabeth K. Clayton b. Dubois Tuttle. Gary says "Unfortunately, I do not have any further information on Minnie. She was married to my Great Grandmother's brother, Dubois Tuttle. Tuttle, sister-in-law, widow, age 49 b. NY; both parents b. NY in household of George C. PA with wife, Harriet, 55, b. Mina's older sister is Hattie or Harriet and the birth years are the same as those listed for the daughters of Andrew H.

Miss Van Wicklen becomes insane. Wood and Maynen. She imagines that she is pursued by persons who want to hang her. She will be committed to the asylum at Middletown. Miss Van Wicklen was a resident of Brooklyn formerly, and, being afflicted with the same hallucinations, was committed to the asylum at Flatbush. After six months treatment she was discharged as cured.

Myrta L. Van Wicklen, 43, b. NY , servant and pvt. Van Wicklen, 11, b. Phebe Van Wicklen, d. Brookville Cem. Raymond Van Wickelen , 26, b. Marcum, Belgium parents b. Belgium , Apartment janitor, with wife Lizzie, 22, and daughter, Jennie, 5. Belgium with parents b. Belgium This would appear to be an independent derivation of the VW surname. Rebecca R.

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Both born in Los Angeles. California births, courtesy, Cheryl Viger in 9 Jan email. Ruth D. Nettle, boarder, b. May , Eng Eng, Eng , Sarah A. Also in household are David Layton, 23, farmer, with wife Phebe P. Also John S. Snedeker, 18 Laborer and his brother, Peter Snedeker, Also, John A. Layton, 36, farmer, with wife, Emma, 28, keeps house, and their son, William, 6. Also, Henry Post, 63, farmer with his daughters, Martha W.