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Place Codes for NJ Vital Records

We're Reclaim The Records , a c 3 non-profit organization founded in , made up of genealogists, historians, researchers, journalists, and teachers. We use Freedom of Information requests to acquire and publish archival data sets, public records that have never before been available, or not available online. We focus on government agencies, archives, and libraries that have previously been unwilling to share their data. And if they don't follow the law, we file lawsuits to make them turn over the records.

As of July , our organization has filed five lawsuits against government agencies, with three settled in our favor and two still pending. We put all the data we win online for free public use, without usage restrictions. After all, our taxes already paid for it and it belongs to all of us.

This data is in the public domain. There are no usage restrictions or copyrights attached to it.

Vital Statistics

Feel free to use it however you'd like. Thank you to the New Jersey State Archives and their executive director Joseph Klett for their help tracking down records for this project.

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  6. NJ Vital Records – Place Codes for Marriage Records — Bring Out Yer Dead!

Thank you to the Internet Archive for providing free web hosting for the more than , images of the death index. The New Jersey Death Index A free searchable database of 1,, deaths in the state of New Jersey between , and over , free digitized images of the death index for the years , , and Start Your Free Search. A new project from using data from and. Search Database for Deaths Given Name.

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Year of Birth Between. Year of Death Between. Age at Death Between. Place of Birth information only available for deaths after Search Clear.

Mayday Parade - Jersey

Database Tips and Tricks All fields are optional, only fill out as much as you know. Soundalike surnames and spelling variants are automatically searched.

Finding Vital Records | Bloomfield Library

For example, a search for the surname Chang will also bring up results for Zhang and Chan , a search for Schwartz also finds Swartz , a search for Russo also finds Rousseau , etc. Common nicknames are automatically searched, too. For example, a search for the given name Bill will also bring up results for William , Will , Billy , etc. Note that the soundalike name suggestions will not be as precise if you are using wildcards in your search. Instead click on the "Back to Main Page" button below to return to the list of searchable databases and online records request forms.

We now accept credit card payments. Or print the request form and pay by check or money order. You may combine up to 10 records from different databases and record request forms in a single order. This database indexes death certificates filed with the New Jersey Department of Health from June through December It includes , records. Note that in addition to death certificates, the database also includes some burial, reburial, transit, and disinterment permits denoted as "BP", "RP", "TP", and "DI" respectively. The date recorded for permits indicates the date the permit was issued; the actual date of death may be earlier, sometimes significantly earlier.

Location refers to the county and locality where the death was registered. New Jersey is one of those states. Alec realized that while the actual text of the state vital records law seals the marriage certificates as private, it also directs the state to create an index to all marriages, for all counties that have a population more than five thousand people.

Well, in New Jersey, every county has a population above five thousand people! In other words, Alec had just figured out that the New Jersey marriage index was always supposed to have been a public record! But they denied his request. So Alec turned to the New Jersey Government Records Council the GRC and asked them for an Advisory Opinion about the matter, which is a non-binding but very helpful ruling on some of the facts of the case. But there was a catch: the backlog of cases meant that it might take up to a year before they heard his case, unless he wanted to file a motion in the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Either way he was going to need help, both legally and financially.

Could we set him up with an attorney for either mediation or help him move the case to court? So we set up phone calls with Alec, and phone calls with our attorneys. And amongst our Board of Directors we discussed the situation and decided to set aside money and time to fight for these records in mediation and in court, if need be. They attempted to set a mediation date for late August or early September, This was a little bit intimidating, but we were still prepared to go to court if we had to.

Those records were supposed to be open, after all, and we would fight for them. But one week later, a small miracle happened. The Deputy Attorney General decided that there was no need to go to mediation after all.

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  • She would instruct the Department of Health to put all the files on a small hard drive and send it to Alec in the mail, along with an invoice for the cost of the records and the drive. Now, that might sound like a lot of money, but really, a one-time charge to get about five million records and years of data released to the public domain forever, plus avoiding all the costs of litigation? That sounded like a very good deal. Reclaim The Records made plans to reimburse Alec for the cost of these records, with his agreement that they would go online for free without any kind of usage restrictions, and we got our credit card ready.

    And then? Another small miracle. They just gave us the data! Why did they do this? New Jersey is one of only a handful of states where a requestor who wins an open records lawsuit will also automatically win payment of all their attorneys fees and court costs. This is unusual; in most other states, including New York, the decision whether to award attorneys fees is a totally separate question from whether the records were being wrongfully withheld from the public. Alec sent us a copy of the data as soon as he received it. We started to put it all online at the Internet Archive.

    And then we realized a few years were missing. The New Jersey Department of Health did not have a complete set of their own state marriage index! Luckily, we were able to figure out that the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton had copies of the missing years of data on microfilm.