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However, unlike a standard telephone directory , where the user uses customer's details such as name and address in order to retrieve the telephone number of that person or business, a reverse telephone directory allows users to search by a telephone service number in order to retrieve the customer details for that service.

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Reverse telephone directories are used by law enforcement and other emergency services in order to determine the origin of any request for assistance, however these systems include both publicly accessible listed and private unlisted services. As such, these directories are restricted to internal use only. Some forms of city directories provide this form of lookup for listed services by phone number, along with address cross-referencing.

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Publicly accessible reverse telephone directories may be provided as part of the standard directory services from the telecommunications carrier in some countries. In other countries these directories are often created by phone phreakers by collecting the information available via the publicly accessible directories and then providing a search function which allows users to search by the telephone service details.

Printed reverse phone directories have been produced by the telephone companies in the United States for decades, and were distributed to the phone companies, law enforcement, and public libraries. As it currently [ when?

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In United States, landline phone subscribers can pay a small fee to exclude their number from the directory. This service is available as an unlisted number, or an unpublished number.

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An unlisted number is excluded from public directories. An unpublished number is also excluded from directory assistance services, such as Landline telephone companies often charge a monthly fee for this service. As cellular phones become more popular, there have been plans to release cell phone numbers into public and reverse number directories via a separate Wireless telephone directory.

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However, these plans have come under opposition from internet based privacy advocate groups, and blogs, often citing privacy concerns. Opposition to the wireless directory was led by consumer advocacy organization Consumers Union , through their www. At the time of their campaign; they cited both privacy, and control of out of pocket costs, as reasons for their opposition. In their congressional testimony supporting the S.

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Right now, [ when? Wireless customers, who want their cellphone numbers listed with directory assistance, must call their cellular carrier to opt-in. Several information companies provide reverse cell phone lookups that are obtained from various resources, and are available online. Your reports help others to successfully identify spam and minimize the success of spammers as much as possible.

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Use the reverse phone number lookup caller id lookup to find out if other users shared their experience with a particular number before. This phone number may already has been classified as untrustworthy, RoboCall or general spam. Reverse Phone Number Lookup.

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