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The History of the Electric Car | Department of Energy

Free on-street parking and road spaces that are only for cars are the norm in the majority of the world. Reducing private car use not only requires improvements in public transit, cycling, and walking facilities, but also better management of private car use.

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Traffic management solutions to regulate parking and ensure that motorists pay for the privilege of driving and parking in city centers have the greatest potential to reduce traffic congestion. By encouraging a shift to transit, cycling, or walking, cities can reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution, increase public transit ridership, and enjoy safer and more livable urban environments, with less time wasted sitting in traffic. Parking reform encompasses all of the options to regulate and price parking in cities, which reduces congestion and makes more space for people and transit.

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Congestion pricing, which involves charging a fee to drivers entering the city center during peak hours, has been used effectively to manage driving demand in Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Stockholm, among other cities. When the electricity comes from renewable sources, all-electric vehicles produce zero emissions to drive. These and other solutions are here today—but more can be done. Learn more about our plan to Transform Transportation.

When New York City tried to ban cars – the extraordinary story of 'Gridlock Sam'

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The History of British Cars

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Historic national CO2 emission standards target cars and light trucks

Government finalized greenhouse gas reduction and fuel efficiency standards for new cars and passenger vehicles in model years These Clean Car standards were adopted with broad support from automakers, labor and consumers. Cars and light trucks account for about 45 percent of all U. This clean car initiative cuts harmful climate pollution and will nearly double our current fuel economy performance by